How to Remove Stains from your Hide Rug

How to Remove Stains from your Hide Rug

April 24, 2019 Off By Admin

You have bought an incredible rug from HideRugs and it fits perfectly into your living room decor but in a moment of rare clumsiness you spill your glass of wine onto your magnificent new rug. The above is a scenario most rug owners dread mainly because they have no idea what to do next. Spilling anything on the floor or on a rug will undoubtedly happen at some point. Do not panic. You can remove the stain and return the rug to its pristine condition. There are generally two types of stains that pertain to a hide rug.

Liquid Stains

Liquid stains on rugs are more common than any other type of stain. You probably enjoy a lot more of your favourite beverage than your favourite food. If you spill a drink on your rug, it does not need to become a permanent taint on your precious rug. However, the key is to act fast. The first step should be to thoroughly soak the stain completely using a piece of cloth or sponge. Dabbing the stain with a wet cloth or sponge is the way to ensure maximum absorption.

The most prevalent mistake when cleaning stains of a rug is to rub the stain in which makes much harder to remove than if you were to simply dab it. Some stains might be too strong for water alone. In such cases, certain shampoos or soaps are recommended. Read the labels carefully to ensure you acquire the right ones. Ensure that you rinse the rug afterwards so that no soap or chemical residue is left on the rug.

Moderation is the key word when removing liquid stains. It is vital to remember never to clean your rug in the washing machine as it can lead to permanent damage to or shrinkage of the rug.

Food Stains

The other type of stain that a rug can obtain is a food stain. Eating a meal on a sheepskin rug might be particularly cosy on a winter day. You may also have a rug in your kitchen to protect your feet from the cold floor. In any case, a food or grease stain is not what you want on your rug. Just like their liquid stain counterparts, the key to removing food stains is to act as promptly as possible.

On the contrary, some food and grease stains may need to be left to harden before you can safely remove them. Most foods will come out of rugs with relative ease by gently scrapping the food off with a knife or spoon. It is about being thorough not about the amount of force used.

However, certain food and grease stains are difficult to remove and require more extreme measures. For such stains, use of eucalyptus oil is recommended. Eucalyptus oil naturally breaks down food particles without damaging your rug. That is as far as quick do-it-yourself home remedies will take you. Some stains are just too far gone. In such cases, it would be prudent to seek out a professional rug cleaner and evaluate your options.