How To Save Big: While Planning A Home Renovation

How To Save Big: While Planning A Home Renovation

March 27, 2019 Off By Admin

Many people are buying and renovating old houses instead of buying new construction homes. When purchasing an older home and thinking about renovations you have to consider all the systems and components that need to function properly for you to find comfort in your new home. One of the main systems you need to have inspected is the houses’ plumbing system.

The plumbing system must work properly to bring clean water into the home and eliminate used dirty waste and water from the house. A blockage anyway in any part of the plumbing system can cause the entire system to not work properly. The plumbing system is really two systems. The piping system that brings water into the home is totally separate from the piping system that takes water out of the home.

Everything from the size of the piping used to the input and output outlets is different in these systems. However, the draining system for all sinks and toilets are connected to the pipeline taking the waste and dirty water to your septic tank or municipal waste system.

You are also responsible and must maintain the exterior plumbing system that leaves your home and leads to the septic tank or municipal waste system. This plumbing system runs under the house and is mostly underground. If this system becomes clogged or backed up, all of your sinks and toilets will stop up and not eliminate water and waste from your house. This can constitute a real inconvenience and very costly problem.

Clogging and backups to your waste elimination plumbing system can be caused by many factors. The most common cause of exterior plumbing systems is tree roots. Another culprit of damage to your elimination plumbing system maybe cracked pipes. Pipes can crack from age or stress.

Most homeowners think In order to repair the waste exit system, you must dig in the foundation of the house or ground to find the broken pipes. This means digging up your yard and destroying landscaping as well as drilling holes in the house foundation concrete. This process can cost thousands out dollars and require time and effort to restore destroyed lawns and landscaping.

Well, today there is an alternate alternative to digging up the foundation of your home and destroying your landscaping. It is called a pipe relining. There are pipe relining companies popping up in cities everywhere. You can Google ‘find a pipe relining company near me’ to find on in your vicinity.

Pipe relining is an economical solution to what could be a very costly problem. Here is how pipe relining works. The first step is to have a plumbing repair inspector search the system to locate the damaged piping using a remote camera. Once the damaged piping is located the inspector will clean the clogged area by high air pressure into the pipe to remove debris and any blockage.

Next, the technician will dry the damaged area to prepare the damaged piping to be sealed with a special textile liner. This textile liner is attached using a special adhesive resin. Once the liner is attached with the resin, high power water pressure is used to force the textile liner in place and ensure the adhesive resin is cemented to the damaged piping and the liner. When the repair dries, it forms a solid solution to the problem.

Once the repair is completed, the inspector will re-inspect the entire plumbing system with the remote camera to ensure the proper placement of the repair and search for other cracks and blockages. Pipe relining is considered a permanent repair. Most pipe lining repairs are guaranteed for at least twenty-five years. Most pipe lining repairs last as long as fifty years.

So instead of using traditional plumbing replacement solutions, consider new pipe lining solutions to resolve clogged waste elimination pipes. It is a considerably less expensive process and does not involve digging up your homes’ foundation or landscaping.