How to Secure Your Garden Shed

How to Secure Your Garden Shed

April 10, 2018 Off By Admin

While garden sheds don’t really store valuable stuff, it’s still important that you keep it secure. If you maintain and add some extra security features, you can contribute to its overall protection. Here are a few tips you can follow to do that:

Check Its Condition

The first thing that you have to do is to check its condition. Sheds that are in a really bad condition are not secured enough because it can be torn down easily. If it is made out of rotting wood, anyone can break into it. This is why you must check if it’s secure first. If not, then you may have to buy a new shed. You can find the best sheds online if you’re looking for a new one.

Replace Your Old Locks

Old locks are also a threat to your shed’s security since it allows burglars to open it. If you happen to have generators or other expensive lawn equipment in there, thieves can break in and take them. This is why you need to replace your old locks from time to time. If possible, get the ones that are waterproof so that they don’t rust. If you can afford one, you can also buy an electronic lock system.

Replace Loose Screws and Door Hinges With Non-Removable Pins

Another threat to security is your door hinges and screws. If they happen to be loose, anyone who has a screwdriver can easily take them out. The best way to go about it is to buy one of those non-removable pins. These can’t be undone,so they are much safer than ordinary hinges.

Lock Your Windows Properly

There are times when you forget to lock your window. However, doing this will give thieves a chance to get in and steal stuff. Always make sure that your windows are securely locked. If you can, also buy very thick glass for your windows, so it’ll be hard to break. In addition to that, try to cover your windows with black curtains, so no one will see what’s inside.

Set Up an Alarm

There are a lot of good alarm systems that you can find on the internet for low prices. Installing an alarm can keep your shed extra secure because it’ll alert you if there are any intruders. This is especially useful at night since this is the time where most burglars strike.

Keep Inventory

Aside from following security measurements, it’s also good if you can keep inventory of the stuff inside. Just leave an inventory list somewhere in your home, so you’ll know if something was taken out or not.


Keeping your shed secure is important because it contains a lot of gardening or lawn equipment that you’ve heavily invested in. It’ll be a waste of money if any of them get stolen. This is why you have to protect your shed like you would protect any other part of your house. Hopefully, the tips above will help you secure your shed properly.