Landscaping Solutions in Edmonton

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If you are working on any landscaping project, it is extremely important to use the best quality materials and professional services to ensure that your project is up to the required standards. Fortunately, there are numerous well-established companies that specialize in providing a wide range of landscaping supplies and services to different clients. Their team of enthusiastic landscaping and gardening experts will not rest until the project is completed to your satisfaction.

Landscaping Solutions

If you are in Edmonton, you can find reliable landscaping companies that offer the best landscaping solutions for both large and small projects. Whether you are looking for the best decorative rocks, clay and sand, garden mix, top soil, peat moss, compost, manure or decorative builders in Edmonton, these suppliers can help. Some of the landscaping solutions they offer include:

  1. Top Soil, Compost and Manure

If you want to expand your garden, the specialists will offer you the best topsoil, manure, compost, peat moss or garden mix for your project. Their solutions have different types of nutrients and moisture retention capacity and are good for many different projects.

  1. Clay, Sand and Gravel

When working on any landscaping project, you are likely to require clay, sand or gravel material at some point. For instance, sand may be used as foundation or filler material for building, excavation or gardening projects. On the other hand, when placed on the soil where your plants are grown, gravel might help to impede evaporation and control moisture levels. Clay is best suited for brightly-coloured flowers that require higher levels of moisture. Whether your project requires fill clay, fill or leveling sand, cement, horticultural sand, masonry sand, playground sand, sand bags or sanding chips, these companies have what you need.

  1. Road Crush and Washed Rock

If you are looking for the best material to use on parking lots, driveways, walkways or building compact bases under sheds or garages, these specialists can also help. They offer finer products for detailed compacting, rubber roofing, drainage application and dog kennel construction. Whether you require road crush, driveway topping, pit run, washed rock or loonie rock material, they have you covered.

  1. Decorative Rocks

If you want to spruce up your yard or add extra curb appeal to make your home more attractive, these companies also offer a wide range of decorative rocks to help you out. Their products can be used for different home-beautifying and landscaping projects. In case you want to add new accents to the driveway or a playground in your backyard, these companies have all you need. Their products include: red shale, ball diamond shale, rundle rock, grey limestone, rustic rock and lava rock, among countless others.

  1. Boulders and Flagstone

Boulders and flagstones are very important additions to different landscaping designs. For instance, you can use them to create pathways, custom patios and garden walls in your yard. They can also be used to create garden walls, boundaries, furnishings and lining paths. These companies also offer the best decorative boulders in Edmonton.

Other landscaping solutions that are offered by these companies include: synthetic lawns, sod, seed and fertilizers. They also offer a wide range of winter solutions. In addition, these companies offer different landscaping rentals such as sod rollers, aerators, fire pits, rakes, wheelbarrows and fire pit screens or grills. Whether you want the best gates, fencing, railings, snow removal, landscape designing or consulting services, they have you covered.