Let An Arborist Send-Off Winter Properly

May 7, 2017 Off By Admin


You weren’t the only one to go into hibernation mode this winter, and we aren’t talking about the bears living in Alberta! While you were wrapped up in blankets binge watching the likes of Luke Cage and The Crown, your trees had their own couch potato phase. Wintertime is the dormant period of your tree’s life cycle, during which they’re preparing for a season of great change. Unfortunately, winter isn’t always kind to the maples, pines, or elms littering your home in Edmonton, leaving behind damaged or even dead branches that need professional help before its ready to shuck the metaphorical blanket and turn off the Netflix before it blooms into spring.

The professionals can offer exactly the late winter tree pruning services that your trees need to prepare for the spring. These services include removing any branches that threaten the structure of the tree or could block important sunlight from hitting the rest of the limbs. They also include shaping these limbs into a healthy form that encourages their springtime growth spurt.

Edmonton weather is always a little tricky, fluctuating from blizzard to 20+ degrees in two days, but it’s important to call your local arborist before the temperatures rise too high. Though emergency tree pruning during the summer months is necessary for safety purposes occasionally — like when a limb is threatening to fall on your roof — in all other situations it’s better to wait until late winter or early spring to prune. It’s the ideal time to remove low lying branches to encourage a beautiful canopy later in the year.

With years of experience and training under their belt, knowledgeable arborists are able to determine the best course of action for the species on your property. Their help includes removing sporadic growth in order to develop the perfect, healthy structure. They can tackle wild, unabated branches that have become a nuisance to your home and risk property damage should they grow into wires or other structures. Meanwhile they have low-impact equipment to remove diseased or damaged limbs that may fall in high winds. These professionals are also capable of help you tackle pest infestations (an issue for Alberta’s hot, dry forests) and nutrient deficiencies in their deep root structures.

Whatever it is that your tree require, a certified arborist Edmonton homeowners trust can help. Get in touch when you’ve found the motivation to tackle your springtime chore list and schedule a consultation soon. They’ll be able to identify what they need to do in order to give winter a proper send-off from your home.