New Home Interior Every Year

December 12, 2017 Off By Admin

I don’t know about you but something that I do whenever the year is nearly ending and the new year is fast approaching, is to change the overall facade of our house. One way or another, I’d do something special, remove what I deem not fitting, and replace it with a brand new item that suits the ambiance I want to create for my home interior for the coming year.

As a mother of three and a wife to a very loving husband, it’s not so difficult to arrange and rearrange furniture and all other items inside the house, because home interior design is my turf and my family knows that. In fact, when I tell them the magic words, which vary anywhere from “Mom’s arranging the house,” “Mom’s designing our home,” to “Mom will do some magic for our home interior,” they look at each other and go inside our entertainment room immediately, never to be seen again, until I say, “I’m done!

Don’t get me wrong. My kids are not angels. Let’s just say they took a different route when I said these magic words before and they didn’t like what they saw. Now, they know how to react properly. (wink wink) Home interior design for me is like a therapy and an exercise. I know there are professional interior designers out there who will save me the time and effort needed to redesign the house. They do this for a living so I know they are extremely great in their craft.

But for me, home interior designing is a personal matter. I am the one who will live inside the house. I am the one who knows every corner of it, and every activity I do therein. Having someone come to the house and do all the design arrangements and item selection seems to be a bit off for me personally. Not that I don’t trust them because I know they’re amazing. I think it’s more of a personal preference.

Sometimes, when I really want to do something complex, like changing the fixtures in our bathroom, like shower heads, floating shelves, and those things, I engage the services of professionals.

I recognize that there are some home improvement work that make a different in your home that you cannot do on your own, especially those that relate to plumbing, electricity, and the like. These are not style or design-related but more of manual work that requires the expertise of professionals. Otherwise, I’ll expose myself to accidents and hazards.

Going back to interior design, I just type the keywords 2018 home interior design on google to find out the latest trends in home interiors. I don’t strictly follow a single designer, website, or blog. I simply look for what google presents randomly, and find something that my eyes would enjoy looking at.

Once I have a concept in mind, I list down the items I need to buy or sometimes, I just do some DIY redesign on some of my items. I paint them or add some embellishments on them!