Non-Slip Stair Treads to Prevent Falling From Stairs 

Non-Slip Stair Treads to Prevent Falling From Stairs 

May 27, 2019 Off By Admin

Every year numerous people get seriously hurt from the injuries related to falling and most of these falls take place on the staircases. In most of the cases, small kids and injured people are affected by falling from the staircases. The non slip stair treads are really beneficial in this case to prevent injuries caused by falling from the stairs.

The anti-slip stair treads to be used depend entirely on the flooring material like metal wood, vinyl, natural stones or ceramic material. Each type of flooring material comes with different coefficient of friction and therefore the treatment method is also different.

How anti-slip stair treads help?

The anti-slip stair treads are considered to be one of the most frequently overlooked as well as one of the most important aspects of stair safety. But the good non slip stair treads create the perfect non-slippery surface that enhances traction on the stairs while reducing the possibility of falling from the stairs. There are different types of viable options for anti-slip stair tread materials like metal, rubber, polypropylene and different types of braided fabrics. The best part of installing these treads is that these are more effective and also cheaper than the cost of installing a carpet.

So, if you want some type of tread to install in the stairs, it is necessary to realize the fact that the visual appearance of the stairs can be as vital as the slip-resistant materials. Stair treads that come with several line contours often hide the depths and edges of the steps. And this allows people to look at the stairs while seeing each step immediately.

These treads are known for adding:






Points to consider while choosing anti-slip stair treads:

  1. First and foremost, you need to choose the non slip stair treads that match with the interior of your home. Often slip-resistant stair treads add some neutral hues to the steps or they bring a touch of texture or colour to outdoor or indoor stairs. Some of the hues that these treads can bring are brown, beige, black, or gray. In case you want to add some more colors, then you can opt for red, blue or yellow treads.
  2. Next, choose a pattern for intrigue and texture. Slip-resistant treads mostly feature a few types of patterned designs. Besides, there are treads that come with patterns featuring woven textures, leaves, and geometric patterns. All these patterns add great dimension to the steps while offering the steps a polished look and feel.
  3. Another thing that you can choose is eco-friendly and non-skid anti-slip stair treads. These treads come with a non-skid rubber surface on the reverse side. Most of these treads come with recycled rubber to make this eco-friendly. Besides, the rough structure of these treads helps to improve traction in every step. Some of these treads also come with a weather-resistant build up and a moulded design. These features make these perfect for even for the stairs of the outdoor areas.