Re-inventing Your Old Garden Shed

Re-inventing Your Old Garden Shed

February 22, 2020 Off By Admin

Very few garden sheds are built to last forever and in almost all cases there comes a time when that structure in our back garden starts to look a little old, a little dated and in need of some love. The first step to take if you are in this boat is to ensure that the structure itself is still fit for purpose. If rot has crept in or if the shed is broken to the point where it is no longer secure, your best bet is to get rid of it and start again. If however the shed is simply in need of some sprucing up, here are some tips on how you can give it the re-invention that it requires.

Seal and Paint


The first step here is to empty out the shed on a dry day and give it a thorough coat of stain to protect the shed. Over time the stain absorbs into the wood and no longer protects it from the elements, animals or rot. Once you have stained it you should give the shed a lick of paint and in order to get the re-invention that you are looking for, paint it in a different color than it was previously. The new stain will give you a great foundation to work from, so get creative and give it a new lease of life with an exciting color.


Remember that this is your shed, your space and your property, there is no reason to have it looking like it would do in a hardware store. With this in mind put some of your character in the shed and really give it that personal touch. Perhaps some design features when you paint it or a sign on the outside of the shed, anything which speaks to who you are.

New Roof

The roof may or may not need replacing but adding a new roof can just help to bring the shed back to life, as well as offering additional protection to the goods inside. You can easily remove an asphalt sheet or shingles which you have on the roof, and either replace them or go for something a little more exciting like wood shakes or cedar shingles.

Summer House

Unless you heavily use your shed for storage then there is nothing to stop you from turning this space into somewhere to relax when the sun is shining. If you still need space for storage then you can always buy a small storage box which can stay in the shed, and use the storage box as a table or even a seat. To give your shed that summer house look, bore a hole in the wall and add a perspex window, add double doors instead of a single door and run some electricity to the shed if it is possible.

A La Mode

Custom sheds and their designs go through trends and right now people are focusing greatly on adding decking to the front of the shed, as well as large scale windows which allow a lot of natural light in. Those who are still using their sheds for storage are using secure roller-shutter doors and looking to make the shed more attractive with hanging baskets and window boxes for flowers. For a really cool and modern twist, you could also add rubber membrane and plant grass seed on the roof, for protection and aesthetic beauty.

Don’t let your shed go to wreck and ruin, re-invent it and give it a new lease of life.