Selecting Bathroom Vanities for Compact Bathrooms

February 23, 2017 Off By Admin

Everybody desires a practical and stylish bathroom, and one way to add both aesthetic appeal and functionality to your space is via the addition of bathroom vanities. There are a massive variety of bathroom vanities available in a wide array of different designs, from modern to antique options and everything in between. You have an extensive selection of styles to choose between, particularly if your bathroom area is relatively large.

When selecting bathroom vanities for compact bathrooms in particular though, it is essential that you put plenty of effort into finding the right ones. Try to avoid purchasing vanities that will take up too much space; antique vanities tend to include bigger, bulkier designs and so may be worth avoiding. Opting for contemporary bathroom vanities that fit within a compact bathroom space would appear to be a more appropriate choice in most instances.

Choosing the right Bathroom Vanities for your space

Before choosing the right bathroom vanities for your space, you’ll first need to consider the available space you are looking to populate. Be sure to think about the amount of items you’ll be placing in your bathroom, as you can achieve an unwanted cluttered look by attempting to fill all the free spaces within it. As such, you should only look to add essential fixtures.

Should the space within your bathroom and your budget allow it, small bathroom vanities and sinks are a viable option – these quite obviously offer both a sink and storage space for toiletries in one component only. These units are amongst the best in terms of practicality as they allow for the organization of bathroom items in addition to a sink area. If you don’t have enough room for a vanity cabinet though, it may be worth considering a corner vanity for your bathroom instead. In this instance, you can utilize a corner of your bathroom and place a sink within it.

Also, when deciding on which type and design of bathroom vanities you’re planning to install in a small bathroom, bear in mind that you should opt for one which efficiently utilizes space, and allows for the careful organization of your bathroom fixtures and items. To maximize space and help to organize your items, you should select a vanity with multiple drawers (two or four) situated either side of the vanity top. This will allow you to store and organize small bathroom products such as toothbrushes, soap dispensers and more.

In addition to the small drawers on each side, you should also look to secure contemporary bathroom vanities that feature shelves below the drawers. This kind of vanity can provide an ideal storage space for the likes of towels and robes. Of course, that notion will still be dependent upon the size of your bathroom vanities.

And aside from the design and storage space, you also need to decide on the sort of material you’d prefer your bathroom vanities to be constructed of. Wood is the most common material used to manufacture bathroom vanities, but there are a number of other materials also used in their manufacture. Stronger materials such as granite and marble account for the makeup of certain components, but you have to be prepared to pay a much more premium price for these types of furniture.