Synthetic Turf 101: What You Need To Know When Faking Your Lawn

October 12, 2017 Off By Admin

Thinking about installing a synthetic turf for the first time? If so, you have to learn first the basics of the synthetic grass. You don’t want to install something you don’t even know, right?

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All synthetic turf may appear the same at first glance, but there are certain factors that make each product likely unique and different from each other. Each turf system utilizes a combination of customizable products in order to create layers. Our professional installers can develop a system that can meet your specific needs and provide athletes with unparalleled, authentic and safe playing surface.

Below are the layers that made up a turf.


This is the most visible part or layer of the turf or the synthetic grass blade. To ensure that the synthetic turf will not wear off easily and can allow athletes to play a game for more than 60 hours in a week, our team only use the finest materials. This is also to achieve the natural feel of pristine green grass.  The turf has undergone intense testing and in-depth research, resulting to products that are more reliable, stronger, and can last longer.


Infill is an important layer of an artificial turf, and it comes in different type. The most common forms are silica sands, sand-rubber mix, rubber, and Durafill sand. The infill is responsible for providing proper energy restitution, fiber support, rapid field drainage, and shock absorption.  It is therefore important to choose the right infill to guarantee an improved foot stability, which in turn will reduce the possibility of leg injuries while improving biomechanics and enhancing playability.

Remember that the quantity and type of infill will vary depending on the thickness of the turf blend and the installation location.


This serves as the turf’s skeleton system. Although less apparent, backing is also a significant layer of a turf. The quality of materials it is made and the way it is manufactured is generally significant to the performance of the synthetic grass. Most of the turf has 2 part backing system: (1) the primary woven, in which fibers here are stitched an; (2) secondary backing, which is heavier and holds the grass in place while keeping its carpet flat.

It is important to consider the construction and composition of the secondary backing. Our backing ensures to produce the best synthetic grass products.

Shock Pad

These are installed on the top of a laser-graded drain stone to enhance the shock absorption and drainage of the field. This is also designed to stay intact for numerous life cycles, improving playability, consistency and safety as it is also responsible for reducing the possible concussions

Other layers include seaming, turf lock and drain stone. In order to make sure that you’ll be able to enjoy the perks of installing a synthetic turf, it is worth to consider the quality of each layer.

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