The Best Mattress Topper in the world

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Looking for a new mattress but you cannot decide between spring mattresses or viscoelastic? Have you heard of the combination of natural materials, viscosoja and lavender? This is a system that the astral brand brings to the market through the Best mattress of Astral Nature.

Will this mattress break off from competition in the rest industry? Read on to find out.

Mattress Best Astral Nature

The Best mattress of Astral Nature is 27 centimeters high and 7 layers of foam and other natural materials.

Upper layers (temperature and comfort) – composed of 52% linen and 48% viscose. This layer is designed to provide a break as cool as possible while at the same time relieving the pressure points that your body tends to create. By applying the use of silk and cashmere have achieved greater optimization of temperature and comfort of the layers.

Intermediate layers I (transition, support and softness) – the upper intermediate layers are composed of silk, linen, corn terlenka and viscosoja, in this order. These consecutive layers of natural materials are designed to provide support and smoothness on the surface.

Intermediate layers II (support and transition to the base) – composed of soyablock foam. This layer is essential to create a transition and compression support (especially important for people of great weight).

Bottom layer (base) – block of lavender and Swiss herbs. This layer is designed to act as the base of the mattress.


Best mattress padding by Astral Nature is made with 52% linen and 48% viscose. By not using anything polyester makes this mattress a very breathable product with a very soft padding with natural air conditioning. In addition, the surface has been treated with sanitized process to achieve a mattress anti bacteria and fungi. It is also quite elastic and when trying to move the padding in different ways it quickly returns to its position. From the aesthetic point of view, the quilting is quite modern.

Firmness, comfort and support

The best mattress toppers from astral Nature have a unique feeling. On the firmness scale of 1-10, with 10 being the firmest level, I would say that the Best is between 6-6.5. The mattress is designed to satisfy most people.

Best Astral Nature firmness

The Best mattress by Astral Nature is a mattress of medium-high range with very interesting features. The combination of materials provides sensations that I have rarely encountered. For example, viscose is somewhat similar to viscoelastic but seems to perform better. Mattress support is formidable. When I lay down on the mattress for a long time I did not notice any pressure point. The upper layers do an excellent job dissipating the pressure between your body and the mattress. When I lay on my back or on my side I noticed that my spine was in good position and correctly supported.

Best Astral Nature

Although this mattress does an impeccable job when it comes to offering support to your body, it does it differently for each person. If you weigh rather little (less than 50 kilos) you will feel like you are floating on the mattress, with very little “hug”. People of average weight (between 60 and 90 kilos) will sink a little more in the foaming and notice a slight hug. If you weigh more than 90 kilos, the level of hug will be logically higher and the mattress will adapt more clearly to the contour of your body. It is a very resistant mattress and with a high level of satisfaction among large or heavy people.

What really makes the Best of Astral Nature a special mattress is the way in which its materials react and support the weight. The larger and heavier parts of your body will sink more naturally into the mattress but will be supported exceptionally by the transition layers. In this way, your critical pressure points are much more likely to find relief from the pressure they need to feel rested and replenished in the morning.

Mattress composition Best Astral Nature

Personally I really like the feeling provided by the Best mattress. The combination of viscosoja and the block of lavender and Swiss herbs offers a unique sensation compared to any other synthetic foams. The ability of the mattress to distribute your weight and maintain a stable position and comfort is impressive. The contour that draws the mattress is similar to that of the latex, rounded. This means that when you lie down you do not draw the shape of your figure directly around your body, which causes the sensation of being “trapped”. When changing position on the Best mattress, the top layer responds immediately, even faster than latex.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the Asics Nature’s Best mattress is the management of the temperature. The mattress incorporates side ventilation valves that help keep the mattress cold. In addition, the use of linen on the cover further optimizes its temperature. Between the ventilation valves and the type of padding used, this mattress is one of the freshest I know. Do not forget that silk and cashmere help the heat that our bodies give off does not accumulate.

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As for the response or rebound of the mattress, we can ask that it is similar to latex but with very little transmission of movements. This feature is beneficial to not disturb your partner if you move while sleeping. You only notice the movement in the areas closest to where you are moving. In this way they have managed to isolate the movement to the people that are causing the movement.

Best Mattress by Astral Nature

Weight resistance tests

All the mattresses that we analyze in The Forum of the Mattress are examined to measure how much they sink. These tests are designed to provide a better understanding of how the mattress will react to certain situations when weight is applied.

Lying on your back – When I lay down on the mattress on my back I noticed that it sank 5 centimeters.

Laying on its side – Lying on its side I saw 6 centimeters of sinking.

Sitting on the edge (normal) – In a normal position sitting the edge of the mattress but supported a little inward, the mattress sinks about 7 centimeters.

Sitting on the edge (very edge) – Sitting directly on the edge of mattress sinks I fell 10 centimeters.

Standing in the middle – When I put all my weight on the same point of the mattress, it sinks 12 centimeters.

As a reminder to say that I weigh about 75 kilos. If you weigh between 90 and 100 kilos you should see how the mattress sinks a little more, about 1 or 1.5 centimeters in each of the positions described.

They want a mattress of medium firmness – The Best mattress of Astral Nature has a firmness of between 6-6.5 on a scale of 10. The firmness can vary according to your body type / size. The heavier you are, the more you will sink into the viscosoja layer which is responsible for relieving the pressure points.

They want an extremely cool mattress – Best’s ventilation valves help keep the mattress cool. In addition, the padding is very fine and includes natural materials such as linen, silk and cashmere, which help the mattress to ventilate much better.

They want a rounded contour – Unlike traditional foam mattresses, the Best mattress distributes the weight of your body providing a rounded contour. The shape that is drawn around your body is similar to latex, but the response and rebound is faster.

They want a great rebound effect – The combination of Best  foam provides a high level of rebound. The design of the padding makes the response quick and the mattress quickly returns to its position after applying sudden force. The immediate response, excellent rebound, balanced hug and better than the average support of the edge make this mattress an ideal product for rest.

They want minimal movement transmission – Although the mattress has a high level of rebound, there is virtually no movement transmission. Thanks to the use of viscosoja and other natural materials the movements are kept isolated and close to the source of the movement without spreading along the mattress.