The History Of Water Wells

July 12, 2017 Off By Admin

Water wells have been gaining in popularity the last decade and has opened a booming business for well drillers.  But how did it all start and where does it end?  Let’s take a look.

What exactly is a well?  It is just a hole drilled into the ground to bring fluids such as gas, brine, oil, gas, or water to the surface.  For the purpose of this article, we will be discussing water wells.

Prehistoric humans relied upon waterways such as rivers, lakes, and springs for the water supply.   Then somehow, probably by chance, someone figured out that water could be obtained by digging a hole in the ground.    Therefore, the first wells were merely crude holes.  However, man soon began to figure out how to improve the wells that would produce water for extended periods of time.

Early wells were lined with wood or stone.  In the next few years, brick was used to strengthen the walls so the walls wouldn’t cave in..

Water taken from wells is known as ground water.  Ground water comes from rain or snow that falls on the ground and seeps downward through the soil until it reaches a point where it is collected in pockets of water soaked soil.  This area is known as the water table.

When you dig a well or hire a company to dig a well, they simply insert a huge drill into the soil and drill down until they find the water table.  The deeper the drill goes, the more pressure that will be utilized in the well.  In some areas, wells are simple to drill, going only 35 feet or so.  However, in dry areas, it can be a major task to drill a well, sometimes going thousands of feet before water is found.

Water wells are so important because they don’t contain the chemicals and other hazardous materials that can be found in water supplied by a city or county.  Simply maintain the well and replace every twenty years and you will have safe drinking water forever.

Wells today obviously look much different than those in yesteryear.  Today, they are attractive and add to the home value dramatically.  Drilling a water well is high recommended!

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