Things to Consider When Choosing a Fencing Company in Spruce Grove

December 30, 2016 Off By Admin

When you want to install a new iron fence or an ornamental fence in Spruce Grove for your home, hiring the best company is important. Choosing the first contractor you find on the Internet or in a phone book probably won’t get you the quality services that you need. Remember, you love your home very much and you want it to look its best. So, you do not just need a contractor, you need the best contractor to install an iron fence on your property. Here are some things that you need to put into consideration when choosing a fencing company.


You will encounter many general contractors who say they can repair and install an ornamental fence in Spruce Grove. However, you will only get the best results if you choose someone who only focuses on fence repair and installation. Such contractors are in a good position to tell you the best fence to install, whether it’s an iron fence, wood fence or ornamental fence in Spruce Grove. They will also be able to handle all problems that may come up during fence installation or repair.


Take estimates of work that you need from different fencing companies that will visit your home. Be very cautious about companies that give their estimate over the phone. The best thing to do is to have a few minutes consultation in person with different fencing contractors and get a quote in writing.


After identifying some fencing contractors who can install an iron fence around your home, ask them for references. Let the company give you some of the customers who were satisfied with their work. Also, remember to check with neutral organizations like the Better Business Bureau to know if there have been any complaints from clients. Using the references, you will know if a potential company has an actual business office or they are working at a garage or at home.

Insurance and Licenses

Make sure that the contractor you hire to install an ornamental fence in Spruce Grove has a valid and genuine license to operate in your area. They should be fully insured. The insurance should cover general liability and workers’ compensation. This will help you because you will not pay for medical coverage of workers who get injured on your property. Also, in case any of your assets get damaged due to a contractor’s carelessness, the insurance company will pay you.

Cost of Work

Even if price is not the main thing to use when selecting a fencing contractor, it is very important to choose a contractor that has a cost that is affordable to you. However, this does not mean you choose contractors who are ridiculously cheap. Very low cost may be an indication of a contractor who loves to cut corners. Do not hire contractors who ask for full payment for the project upfront, and instead, hire those who ask for some percentage and the other amount to be paid after project completion.

Get a Contract

Ensure that you sign a contract before the work starts. The contract should include payment information, description of work to be done and time to be taken to complete the project.