Three Top Causes of Foul Toilet Bowl Smell

October 13, 2017 Off By Admin

Are you having problems with that leaking faucet in your bathroom? How about that kitchen sink filled with so much dirt and grime?

Well, there’s also that toilet bowl that won’t flush properly too. You might also have issues with smelly toilet bowls that gross you out every time you enter.

Sometimes, bad odor does not only indicate a messy bathroom. There’s more to that issue than just uncleanliness and constant use.

Possible Causes of Smelly Toilet Bowls

Sometimes, the odor does not really come from the center of the toilet bowl itself. There may be some other reasons for the foul smell aside from dirt, including the following:

You have not used the toilet for a long time

If you have not used your toilet bowl for a long time, the water film that prevents the entrance of smell from the sewers might have evaporated. In the pipes under your toilet bowl, there is a thin layer of water that’s always left after every flush. But if it has not been used for a long time, the remaining water that blocks the smell from the sewage pipes will evaporate, causing the bad odor to flow into your bathroom. You can easily fix this by using your toilet bowl again to restore the water film.

The smell might be coming from the sink

Because of the regular usage of your sink, they might be some dirt or bacteria build up on its narrow pipes. This may be one of the causes of the foul smell in your bathroom. If you’ve checked all the areas in your bathroom but you still can’t find out the real cause of the foul smell, you better hire HDB plumbers who are trained to inspect even the inner parts of your bathroom sink to see if it is the source of the problem.

Blocked outlet on the roof

Just like our kitchen sink, our toilet bowls also have an outlet on the roof of the house where the smelly steam comes out. If this outlet is blocked by pests, nests, or anything else, the foul smell will go back to your bathroom pipes.

If you are experiencing these problems or other types of plumbing-related concerns, you shouldn’t go for a contractor that will let you down. You’ll only end up with a more complicated situation and all your daily tasks will be affected. When the need arises, there is no other viable solution than to call on a professional who can fix all your plumbing concerns right away.

Why Experience in Plumbing Systems is Important

Solving plumbing problems entails the experience, expertise, and training only a true professional can provide. This is accomplished with years of handling all kinds of plumbing-related work and honing their knowledge over and over again.

At the same time, familiarity with the proper set of tools and how a plumbing system works can mean the difference in this field. If one or several of these things are missing, you would only end up spending and suffering more for a longer amount of time.

Your plumbing system, and all of its corresponding components, needs proper repair and maintenance that only a professional can provide. This kind of expertise doesn’t come along that easily.