Throwing a Patio Party

March 30, 2017 Off By Admin

Spring is the perfect time to have a small party with a few friends on your newly constructed patio! Enjoying an evening in the warming weather before it’s burning too hot, grilling burgers and kabobs, and some yummy drinks sounds like a perfect weekend evening to most! String up some lights and add some fun soft music in the background and no one will want to leave! Besides the perfect atmosphere, which Mother Nature provides, use these suggestions for the perfect patio party!

The Attire

Make sure that it’s understood that this will be a casual party. Spring is the perfect time for jeans, t-shirts, and cute sneakers. Check out what Famous Footwear has to offer here, With your party being outside make sure that your guests have plenty of comfortable seating to match their comfortable style and check ahead of time to make sure that not too much pollen has gathered on your patio furniture. No one enjoys that greenish-yellow glow on their clothes!

The Food

Patio parties are among the simplest and easiest parties to throw because the more simple it is the better! Food choices should be kept simple as well. Try to stick to paper plates and finger foods to make clean-up a breeze. Foods like chips and dip that are easy to graze on are best. It keeps the conversation going and no one feels in a rush to eat. Skewers are perfect for patio parties and can be used to keep food that would typically need a fork. Don’t forget little umbrellas!

The Activities

If this is a family-friendly party make sure that you have activities that anyone will enjoy. A corn hole toss game is one that is fun for everyone! Small things like ring toss and horseshoes are perfect for kids. If you have a nice tree in your yard you can put up a dartboard for the adults to enjoy. Look for a magnetic one to keep your darts from getting lost in the yard as easily. A fun game for the whole family that is easy to set up is a badminton set. Competition is a great way to get everyone talking to each other and mingling so use that to your advantage!

There’s nothing more awkward than a boring party so use these suggestions to keep the energy flowing. The more that everyone feels involved, the less work your party will seem to be. That leaves you to relax and enjoy the fun as well!