Tips for Renovating your Bathroom

Tips for Renovating your Bathroom

May 30, 2020 Off By Admin

Bathrooms are important places in every home. They are used often and are prone to destruction. As a result, a bathroom renovation is inevitable.  Renovating your bathroom should be a hassle-free process since the space is small. Less space attracts low renovation costs and less material. For instance, you will need fewer cabinets, flooring, and paint. Although the task is less, wrong decisions when renovating your bathroom can be costly in the long run. To get a smooth, efficient and cost-friendly process, read the following bathroom renovation tips;

Try to create Extra space

Regular renovation must be done especially in squeezed bathrooms. But you can find ways of creating an extra room. You can include in-built soap dishes and add a toilet holder and medicine cabinets. Also, you can convert the ceiling light to recessed light. Creating an additional space improves your comfort in the bathroom. Also, it reduces the chances of bathroom accidents that occur as a result of less space.

Add bathroom ventilation

Ventilation is a vital factor in any bathroom. It allows fresh air, thus eliminating the bad odor. If you already have ventilation, you can consider adding its size. You can add a bathroom exhaust fan or a good-sized bathroom window. This will allow air to flow in the bathroom areas freely.

Select the right flooring

The type of flooring you settle for matters. Most of the bathroom accidents have been linked to the wrong flooring choice. For instance, you should not select slippery tiles for your bathroom. Instead, go for hardy and rough tiles to avoid slips and falls. The flooring should be strong enough to cope with regular bathroom use. Some favorite bathroom floorings you should consider are Vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl plank, sheet vinyl flooring, porcelain, and ceramic.

Choose the right bathroom paint

Some people disregard this point as non-important. But the bathroom color plays a key role in enhancing the beauty and comfort of a bathroom. Painting your bathroom with black color will make it look dull and dark. You will be surprised to know that dull colors will even shrink the bathroom. But brighter colors such as off-white or white will make it look attractive. Also, it will be easy to spot stains on the wall. That way, you will maintain a high level of cleanliness.

Add more hooks for hanging bathroom items

Adding hooks on the wall is the easiest way of enlarging your bathroom. You don’t necessarily have to add real countertops. You can hang your clothes, towels, and bathrobes on the hooks. The hooks can be added on the wall, at the back of the bathroom door or sides of the cabinet.

Install an excellent lighting system

The bathroom is one area that need brighter lighting system. Only then will you be able to inspect even the tiniest spots or pimples on your body. Ensure the lighting is close to the bathroom mirror. But if you don’t love bright lights in the bathroom, you can go for a dimmer switch. The latter is a perfect deal when you want to have enjoyable late-night baths.