Tips To Design An Open Kitchen

Tips To Design An Open Kitchen

December 21, 2018 Off By Admin

Most households have a desire for open kitchen designs and this is one significant reason why they seek a designer’s opinion for the same while designing their own kitchen. An honest and experienced designer will give you the right suggestions, so it is definitely worth getting in contact with kitchen specialists.

There are various factors which have to be considered before a particular design is selected for a kitchen. Only the best kitchen shops can give you the right suggestions based on your space, requirements, functionality and of course, budget.

In case you are planning to design an open kitchen, these are the factors that you must look into.


The first thing that must do is have a thorough look at the current ceiling. You must take into account that the existing walls are likely to be removed and you will need additional patching work to be get done.

Besides, the ceiling of the kitchen should be of the same height/level as of the adjacent rooms. If the height of ceiling is different in every room then you will have to fix that as well.

Some old homes have dropped ceilings which are lower than the actual ceiling height. If you are planning for an open kitchen, you can simply remove the dropped ceiling so that you can enjoy few additional inches. This gives a broader look to your open kitchen.

Open kitchen usually looks good with coffered, tray or vaulted ceiling. Although, vaulted ceiling can be a bit expensive but it enhances overall look of your open kitchen and your kitchen appears to be spacious.


During the process of transforming your closed kitchen into an open kitchen you need to decide on specific walls which you wish to pull down. You cannot simply decide which walls but also have to take into account its effect on the overall look of the kitchen and the adjoining room as well.

You also have to get surety whether you can remove that particular wall or not. You have to consider certain potential, unknown and legal factors before you actually pull down the wall. An architect, structural engineer or industry experts are some people who can provide accurate details about these factors.


There is possibility that your existing stairs acts as an obstruction in your open kitchen design. But a professional will always find a way out to that they do not intersect each other. The simplest solution is to drop down sides of the enclosed staircase.

This way, you stick with your original stair design and save thousands of pounds which you would have spent in building a new one.


When you pull down the wall separating your living area and kitchen you need to give detailed thought about the flooring. Well, you cannot have different types of flooring for the same area.

The best solution is to have the same flooring as it gives a uniform look to the visitor. If you wish to separate them then it is safer to use identical flooring so that difference is not visible in the very first glance.

You will also have to consider the fact that according to kitchen functionality tiles are the best flooring option but tiles are not suitable for living area. Natural stone, carpet, laminate/hardwood flooring are some other flooring options which suit your kitchen functionality as well as the living space.

If you have a reliable and experienced company to guide you then you can take the risk of using tile for kitchen and carpet for living room. It is advisory to take this risk only if you have professionals who assure appropriate execution of the same.

At times, old homes have uneven flooring in kitchen and living space and the unevenness is quite evident. This means that first you need to get the floors even which accounts to additional expense.

Kitchen Island

In an open kitchen setting, Kitchen Island is one element that visually separated the kitchen from the rest of the rooms. When you remove the existing walls, you also reduce some of your storage space as well as workspace.

The size, shape and position of the Kitchen Island have a huge impact on its functionality. Extremely long or short Island have their own pros and cons. The Island size should fit appropriately in the work triangle so that you can comfortably move between the stove, refrigerator and the sink.

Moreover, you must consider foot traffic in your kitchen and the adjoining rooms so that the entire space does not appear to be a cluttered spot.


When you remove walls you basically cut down a lot of your storage options. But, if you have a creative designer or an expert then they will ensure that you get sufficient storage space in your kitchen as well as in the living room.

Tall kitchen cabinets coupled with additional shelves, floor-to-ceiling pantry, hooks to hang items, pull-out and built-in cabinetry, etc. are some of the wise options which you must keep in mind.


In a closed kitchen setting, kitchen and living room décor are usually different. But, in an open kitchen setting you cannot use different décor styles. Instead, you have to use similar colours, textiles and materials in the kitchen and adjoining areas.

Your colour selection for the kitchen and the living space should be at least similar if not the same colour. For example if you have off-white walls for your living area then you can use pastel yellow for your kitchen.


Your home is likely to hold lesser furniture units when you opt for an open floor plan. In fact, very few large pieces of furniture but make sure that you choose appropriate furniture.

In order to select the best spots for each of the furniture arrange them in various different spots and then decide on one that looks appropriate.

Besides, you have to bring subtlety and resemblance in furniture of kitchen and the adjacent area.

Your kitchen component should not appear out of place because this might grab the overall essence of your home.