Top Exterior Design Trends of 2018

April 6, 2018 Off By Admin

When browsing design magazines and blogs or speaking with home decorators, neighbours or friends, you may have noticed that they place a strong emphasis on interior design but fail to spend much time discussing exterior design.

While it’s true that you probably spend more time inside our house than out, exterior elements don’t deserve the brush-aside; They contribute dramatically to your home’s value, appearance and level of comfort. Your house’s exterior design is the first thing that guests and potential buyers or renters notice about it when they see it, so why not provide a great first impression?

If you are one of the few people who recognises the integral importance of exterior design, you may already have your finger on the pulse when it comes to outdoor design trends in Australia and worldwide.

If you don’t, we urge you to consider the weight that outdoor design holds. This is the first place to start, and the next is to educate yourself on what hot design trends you should be following.

To make matters easier for you, we have compiled a collection of this year’s top eight design trends and tips to assist you in decorating your Melbourne home’s exterior and outdoor spaces. These are what we perceive to be 2018’s most popular outdoor designs elements:

  • Customised Garage Doors: personalised garage door options are now on the rise, with homeowners opting for custom designs that suit their home and personal preferences. The days of boring old roller doors are over. There are now all sorts of custom garage doors in Melbourne and elsewhere that come in a range of styles, colours and materials
  • Streamlined Colour Palettes: Neutrals of all tones and varieties are in this year, and likely the years to follow. They add a contemporary look to homes that holds up well over time. While in the past, a fusion of subdued and bold colours were trending, more cohesive colour schemes are now en vogue.
  • Wooden Accents: Like neutral colours, natural wooden elements can add an air of timelessness to your home’s exterior. There are plenty of outdoor features that come with wooden finishes, from pergolas and decks to mailboxes and shutters and even garage doors.
  • Large Windows: Natural light is a great way to boost the look and feel of your home’s interior, but it is accomplished largely through the use of exterior features like bay windows, skylights or even glass garage doors. Large windows are also beneficial as they seem very charming inviting to the outside world.
  • Classic Brick: Fairly recently, homeowners were loving nontraditional bricks such as white-painted or light-hued varieties. Now, however, classic red bricks are in again. That being said, there is a difference between how we’re currently embracing them versus how we used them before. While in the past bricks were the default home finishing option, they are now seen as an accompaniment to other materials.
  • Multi-Material Fixtures: This year, we are not just mixing materials on our own accord, but also purchasing exterior elements that incorporate various materials into one design. Front doors and garage doors are a great example of such, as many on the market these days feature combinations of polycarbonate, wood, aluminium and vinyl rather than just a single-material.
  • Texture: Adding visual and tactile depth to your outdoor features helps facilitate a more dynamic and intriguing aesthetic. One way to do so is by embracing texture and patterns in all forms, from grained woods to panelled or segmented doors and window coverings to intricate tiles and more.
  • Naturally Curated Gardens: Outdoor plants and trees are a great way to increase privacy and seclusion within your front or backyard. With the return to natural exterior design and decor comes a move towards lower maintenance foliage and garden plans. Perfectly trimmed shrubs and hedges are now out, while the integration of local Australian wildlife and tasteful overgrowth are in.

If you’re a homeowner seeking exterior design inspiration, we hope that this roundup can provide the guidance you need. These eight trends are definitely not all that you can expect this year when it comes to exterior home design, but they are some of the most popular and innovative looks that we’re seeing at the moment around Melbourne.

They can help you figure out where to start when it comes to your home design.  Whether you are working on your house’s physical exterior or your yard and outdoor living areas, they are sure to stand out with the addition of these top trends!