Types of Heavy Equipment Used in Construction

Types of Heavy Equipment Used in Construction

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Whether you are building a house or a skyscraper, construction projects often require heavy equipment. In particular, heavy equipment is often used for moving earth to dig foundations, level or grade areas or otherwise prepare the site for building. Usually, these large vehicles and other pieces of equipment are among the most dramatic construction tools used in a project. The following are a few types of commonly used construction heavy equipment.


As the name suggests, the primary purpose of an excavator is to move materials out of a dig site. They feature a cabin on a rotation platform. An arm extends from the central platform and has a digging bucket on the end. They are quite efficient for moving earth and other materials, particularly when that material needs to be moved beyond the immediate reach of the heavy equipment. Excavators are also used for other heavy lifting, demolition and similar tasks.


A backhoe is another type of equipment with an illustrative name. There is a hoe connected to the back of the vehicle. On the front, there is typically a loading bucket. These vehicles can serve two purposes and at very good at excavating and digging trenches. They are often a little smaller than some other types of heavy equipment but can be useful in a variety of applications on a construction site.


These are another type of excavation equipment. Bulldozers remove soil and other relatively weak materials with a sharp-edges, wide metal plate at the front. Unlike some other excavation vehicles. Bulldozers are very good at pushing earth, meaning that they can potentially move a substantial amount at once. The front plate can be adjusted with hydraulic pistons to allow a surprising amount of precision.


These vehicles are most commonly seen in civil construction sites, particularly roads and other large, paved areas. Grading is the process of making a surface either consistently flat or have a consistent slope. In either case, the goal is to have a surface that is ideal for a road or similar structure. There are many construction tools that can achieve this, but graders are very good at doing large areas relatively quickly.

Tower Cranes

Cranes are used in all sorts of construction applications. However, tower cranes are typically only used for relatively large projects, such as high-rise buildings. They are most useful in areas that need very high lifts and/or that have a very limited ground area available. If the ratio of height to ground space is high, a tower crane is the perfect way to lift materials quickly and safely.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are used when large amounts of material need to be moved relatively long distances. A dump truck can be used for earth, debris, gravel, construction supplies and more. They are sometimes used to move materials around sites but can also be used for delivering materials to a construction site. Their dumping mechanism allows them to drop off materials like earth or gravel easily.


These are specialty heavy equipment pieces that are very efficient at creating tranches. A trencher may be used in civil construction, for large-scale agriculture or for activities such as laying utilities. These vehicles can move hard soil and rocks with relative ease thanks to a powerful wheel with multiple digging teeth.

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