What is Liquid Limestone and how is it Used

What is Liquid Limestone and how is it Used

March 21, 2017 Off By Admin

Many people have heard of limestone, but are unaware of liquid limestone. So what just is it and where will you find it around you? Liquid limestone is basically a mixture of concrete, crushed limestone and other additives that are used primarily in the building of things such as driveways, pool surrounds, and patios. It is poured and spread just like concrete, but unlike concrete’s bland grey colour, liquid limestone has a lovely, natural, light, earthy colour that feels cool underfoot even when it is in direct sunlight.

Similar in terms of concrete, when laid by professionals, liquid limestone can also be coloured, textured and if so desired, stencilled, giving you outstanding natural paving effects with costly expenses or drawbacks of their natural equivalents.

What are the Benefits of Liquid Limestone?

Natural stone pavers look good after they have been laid, but need regular maintenance if they are going to stay that way. If they are left alone, weeds will grow in the gaps between pavers and ants can easily take up residence, creating an unseemly sight. The good thing about limestone paving is that there are no gaps in the paving which make it a no go area for weeds and insects, and that’s even with personalised stencil patterns being used to make it look like there are. If looking for liquid limestone in Perth, use only the best! For that reason, you’ll enjoy many years of no worries use with hardly any maintenance required. Now that sounds about right!

Origins and Application

Similar to its quarried counterpart, liquid limestone is of a porous nature and can stain if not properly sealed. So, to make this happen, a professional builder has to make a return journey after the liquid limestone has set (usually a day later) and apply the sealant. Usually, a water-based sealer is applied for a natural matte effect or a special solvent-based sealer is used for a low-gloss finish with even more effective protection. Just like concrete, control lines are cut into liquid limestone to prohibit any cracking.

Where Can Liquid Limestone be found?

Liquid limestone is a somewhat new kind of product that is definitely becoming extremely popular. There are now many companies that specialise in concrete, that are adding it to their list of services, while there are others that specialise in liquid limestone alone. Finding a reliable company that provides the service used to be difficult if you do it the old-fashioned way, but these days with the simple click of a mouse, you can find everything that’s out there. In W. Australia, Fluid Limestone is experts in their field with the experience that you can trust. Check them out, you have nothing to lose!


So, if you are in need of a new cool looking patio, driveway, pool surroundings, driveway, garden path, with a non-slip, modern solution, you know what to look for. Liquid limestone is not only strong and beautiful, it’s the ideal solution to making your home look just the way you want it to – just perfect!