What You Need Before You Paint Your Walls

November 30, 2017 Off By Admin

You just picked up your paint from a Benjamin Moore supplier. You’re in the car on your way to start your big painting project inside of your home. Before you head out of the parking lot you should run over our checklist of things you are going to need before you start. There is nothing worse than pouring the paint to start your project and realizing you are unprepared.

There are quite a few things that you may need when you start your project that you probably haven’t even thought about yet. Let us save you the dreaded trip to the home improvement store in the middle of your project but giving you a quick list of things you may possibly need.

Pre-Painting Checklist

  1. Stir Stick
  2. Paint Can Opener
  3. Paint Tray
  4. Roller
  5. Extra Roller Pads
  6. Painting Tape
  7. Paintbrush
  8. Drop Cloth
  9. Plastic Lining

Before you start your project you will want to make sure that you have covered your flooring well to protect the surface from any paint spills and splatters that are bound to happen during your project. A good drop cloth can keep you from a lot of unneccesary stress over paint being on your flooring.

You may also want to pick up some plastic lining as well. There are likely going to be some items that are really heavy that would be much easier to leave in the room you are painting that try and move them to a paint free space. Plastic lining in inexpensive and can easily protect your furniture while you are painting around it. You can also use your painting tape to make sure that you have the plastic secured well around your things.

It is always a good idea to spend a decent amount of money in the paint brush isle. Depending on what kind of surface you are painting, you may need to spend the extra money on a nice paintbrush. If you are painting a very smooth surface you will be thankful that you have a nice brush. Cheap brushes are going to leave a lot of streaks on the surface that you do not want. Pick up a nice brush for when you are ready to do surfaces like trim.

Finally, buy a few extra foam rollers. Foam rollers are very inexpensive. It is likely that your project is going to take you more than one day. If so, your rollers are going to dry and become hard. Trying to rinse rollers makes a big mess in your sinks that isn’t necessary. Do yourself the favor and just spend a couple of extra dollars and buy the extra rollers.

Painting is easy and should not have you stressed out. Make sure you have the materials you will need before you leave the store so you can give your project your undivided attention.