Why It’s Important to Maintain Your Window Screens

Why It’s Important to Maintain Your Window Screens

June 9, 2017 Off By Admin

Many window screens are made to last a long time, but when they are damaged, the effects are quite noticeable. Bugs can easily get through tears as soon as you open the window. Nobody wants bugs in the house; an infiltration can lead to anything from full infestations to painful stings. However, screens have much more benefit and the importance of maintaining them extends beyond having bugs fly around the kitchen or in front of the TV screen. Well maintained screens in front of your windows can:

Prevent Dirt from Covering the Windows

Screens provide a lot of benefits, one of which is to block dirt from covering your window panes. You should therefore consider a screen that matches the product you choose from a window home buying guide. If you keep it maintained, dirt won’t end up covering the glass whenever it rains. You’ll have a clear view of pleasant and stormy weather and, maintaining a window screen means the panes will stay nice and even get washed by an afternoon shower.

Avoid Water Damage

While some water is good for your windows, intact screens will deflect rain water that may otherwise pool up by the window frame. Water can get inside if given any chance, and this lead to additional problems such as mold. Also, look out for mold forming on the screens. Your maintenance plan should include cleaning them often, and ensuring they’re in a condition to resist water and mold.

Improve Curb Appeal

When real estate agents, and potential buyers, look at your home, one of the first things they see is the screens. Spotting window screens that are poorly maintained may lead a prospective buyer to think you haven’t maintained anything else in the house. Agents therefore often recommend the screens be replaced before showing a home. If you maintained them on a schedule, your original screens may still be in decent condition.

Stop Heat from Escaping

Most of the heat insulation is accomplished with energy efficient glass. Working screens, however, can add to the reduction in heat transfer if they remain intact and free of holes. A hole in the screen can also let bugs in, which can eat away at the window frames and reduce the insulating properties of the materials. Keep things in working order by shoring up rodent holes and stopping any ants from getting through.

Keeping a window screen maintained and clean can improve your home’s appeal and its air quality. Maintenance will also help prolong the operating life of the screen, and keep your windows in top condition for longer. But if they need to be replaced, Wilmington Window & Door will provide you with a professional installation that can give you a head start. You can then begin keeping things clean and intact so any issues associated with a dirty, marred, or torn screen can be avoided. Whatever you do, don’t neglect to maintain your window screens because the consequences can affect many aspects of the quality of life in your home and its value.