Window types: Choose the style carefully

Window types: Choose the style carefully

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There are multiple types and designs when you talk about windows today. Sash windows are among the most common window types people would opt for as they promise elegance and lavishness. People tend to get confused when it comes to styles and designs. If we take a look at the history of such windows, we will find that these were first developed back in the Georgian Era. Since then, the windows have been developing, and advancements are being made in the sashes to keep up with the requirements. Here, we will guide you about a few choices available to people who like to have sash windows in their house.

Sliding sash

These sashes are perhaps the oldest and most common ones that you will see. Though they are in the market since a couple of centuries but they have not lost the charm and exquisiteness they are offering. You can just slide the lower window behind the upper half in order to create an opening. The box sashes are there along with the weights to balance the movement. However, the modern versions are also available.

Side opening sash

The side opening casement has a bit more variations in its own.

First one is the storm. In this type of windows, the sash is made to sit on the actual frame. This kind of casing is not appropriate for the period buildings.

The second category is flush fitting. In this, the flush is sitting over the frame along with the sash. It is preferred for the modern as well as the period buildings.

The third type of side opening window is the easy-clean version. In this, you can open the sash separately from the frame to clean the glass quickly and can redecorate the frame from inside.

Georgian style

The Georgian style sash is a vertical sliding sash. There may be a side opening casement alongside in order to add a bit more flavor to it. Moreover, people also go for the flush fitting when it comes to the renovation of a Georgian style house.

Victorian Style

The Victorian style houses also have the vertical sliding sashes in it. However, the side opening casement comes with a slight variation. This style is mainly known as the cottage style.

Regency Style

The Regency style sashes came with a semi-circular head at the top. Moreover, there is also just a marginal glazing when it comes to the glass.

Edwardian style

The Edwardian is probably the most sought after style of the timber windows. It is known for the sliding sashes that have just a marginal glazing on it. Moreover, the division in frames was also familiar with the common ones being six boxes over two or even two on two.

So, these are individual styles of sash windows that you may like. For better estimate and information, you can contact the Box Sash Window Co. These are the experts that will let you know what sort of windows will be perfect for you and will aid you in the installation of new windows, and repairing and replacing the old ones.