6 Things You Should Never Do To Your Roof

6 Things You Should Never Do To Your Roof

December 26, 2020 Off By Admin

A roofing system is extremely important for your home and it works to protect your family, your belongings as well as the structure of your home. A quality roofing system can last for up to 20 years with regular maintenance. These are some things that you should never do your roof

Hanging Christmas lights

If you’re ready to hang Christmas lights off of your home, it is best to attach them to the gutters and downspouts. Pounding nails or screws into your roofing can cause leaks in your home.

Satellite Dish

Adding a satellite dish using nails or screws can often cause leaking issues.

Power Washing Roofing Materials

When debris builds up across your roof or you start to notice the signs that your roof is damaged, it is crucial to remove these items. Many people choose a power washer to do this job but it can often remove the protective coating from the outer layer of your roofing materials.

Never Cleaning Your Roof

Regularly cleaning your roof can be important but making sure that you are calling the right experts to get the job done will keep your roof clean without issues like missing shingles or damage.

Adding a Basketball Hoop

Adding a basketball hoop can often mean screwing items into your roof which can cause major damage and leaks.

Placing New Roofing Materials Over Old Roofing Materials

Many homeowners will often place new roofing materials over the old roofing materials. This can save on labor costs but it won’t protect the home. When an old roof is left under new roofing materials, they can rot and cause ongoing damage.

Keep these top ideas in mind regarding things that should not be done with your roof! Contact us today for a free roof inspection done right.

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