A Homeowner’s Guide to American Flag Etiquette

A Homeowner’s Guide to American Flag Etiquette

January 11, 2021 Off By Admin

Many people share their country’s pride by displaying the American flag in their homes. 

Honoring the stars and stripes is a classic home decoration that shares a bit about what you believe in. 

However, when displaying the flag of the United States of America, there are actually U.S. Flag flying guidelines to keep in mind! 

Are you curious about American flag etiquette and how you can display our country’s flag with dignity in your home? 

Then this is the article for you. Read on to find out more!

  1. Never Let the Flag Touch the Ground

The most important rule when it comes to American flag etiquette is this— never let the flag touch the ground. 

Be cautious to keep the flag raised at all times so that it does not touch anything beneath it. This goes beyond just dirt, your floor, or the yard. It includes anything beneath it. 

This means you should not let your flag come into contact with any water or plants as well. When planning a location for the flag, remember to keep this in mind. Planning ahead and being cautious when you relocate your American flag will help you stay true to this rule!

  1. Fly Your Flag From Sunrise to Sunset (Unless Illuminated)

If you are displaying your American Flag outdoors, the official flag code dictates that the flag should only be flown from sunrise to sunset. 

This means that the flag should not be flown overnight in the darkness.

However, there is an exception to this etiquette. If the flag is properly illuminated all night to achieve the goal of patriotism, it can be displayed throughout the night. 

The important thing to remember is that the flag needs to be lit up and should not be left to fly in darkness.

  1. Handling Multiple Flags

If you are displaying another flag alongside the American flag, such as a flag to represent your state or any military flags, there is a protocol for flag placement. 

The first rule is to ensure that no flag is flying higher than the American flag. This is whether the flag is on a vertical flagpole, or on a flagpole that extends from your porch. 

The next rule to remember is that no flag should be flown to the right of the American Flag. When planning your flag placement, ensure that the American flag is the furthest right to follow the official flag etiquette.

  1. Considering the Weather

When the American flag is being displayed outside of your home, it is important to consider the daily weather. 

The flag should not be flown during rain, snow, or any type of storm. 

The exception to this rule is if you are flying an all-weather flag, which is made from a different material. This is to ensure that the flag is not torn or tarnished due to inclement weather! 

You can purchase your American flag from Flagpole Farms. They offer flags in several different materials to suit your individual needs!

  1. When to Fly the Flag at Half-Mast

When it comes to displaying the American flag outside of your home, it is important to stay up-to-date on current events. 

When the country is in a state of mourning, one of the ways the United States honors this mourning is by flying the flag at half-mast, (or half-staff.)

Here are a few examples of when to fly the American Flag at half-mast: 

  • To mark the death of a government official, military member, or first responder
  • Following a national tragedy
  • In honor of Memorial day

There are a few ways to ensure that you do not miss flying your flag at half-mast: 

  • Watch the daily news
  • Keep a calendar and check for any American holidays where it is customary to fly your flag at half-mast
  • Look at other flags in your neighborhood. Flags at the Post Office or other government buildings are great guides to see if you should be flying your flag at half-mast. 
  1. Displaying Your American Flag Indoors

Flying your flag from your porch or from a flagpole are not the only options for sharing your American pride. 

Many people have the American Flag on display inside their home as well!

There are a couple of guidelines for making sure you are displaying the American flag in a way that is honoring it. Here they are: 

  • Do not use the flag as draping, bedding, as a tablecloth, etc. This repeats the first rule that the American flag should not touch the floor, water, or any merchandise. Using it as coverage, bedding, drapery, or anything similar is not in the code of conduct for the American Flag. 
  • When hanging the flag in your home, make sure that it is flying aloft and free. 
  • The American flag should never be used as a way to hold items, transport things, etc. This is in order to treat the flag with complete respect. 
  • You may fold the flag in your home if you would like to display it in this manner. Here is a guide for folding your flag with the proper etiquette. 

American Flag Etiquette for Your Home

Now you know the American flag etiquette you need to know to honor our country’s flag in your home. 

Displaying the American flag is a great sign of patriotism, but it is essential that the official flag conduct is followed. Beyond being a sign of patriotism, it is also a glorious way to decorate the exterior or interior of your home! It shares your personality, and people will have an immediate connection with it. 

If you are a veteran or if you have a family member that has served the United States, displaying a flag in your home is a wonderful way to honor this service. 

Do you have any questions about decorating your home? Be sure to check out our blog! We are more than happy to help you out.