Bathroom Remodel Trend – Wet Room Designs

 Bathroom Remodel Trend – Wet Room Designs

March 29, 2018 Off By Admin

Being reinvented on a daily basis, wet room design trends are continually transforming – now coming in a variety of builds. One of the more modern variations is having a full wet room with a rainfall shower situated somewhere in the room; or having a glass enclosure made specifically to house space for the rain shower head. With either option you end up going for, the room is still intended to be “wet” friendly. Being an entire waterproof room from floor tiling, walls, and to ceiling construction no water damage will ever seep into other parts of your home / walling.

Designed to match the owner’s personality, wet rooms transform the usual ordinary bathroom into a more luxurious and modern build.

Lasting longer than the usual bathroom due to less appliances and being waterproof, having a wet room means you can worry less about continually updating your bathroom and performing renovations as it will rarely ever need them to stay in style or functioning.

A perfect bathroom remodel into a wet room can be completed by Mega Builders Inc – Los Angeles, California luxury bathroom remodelers. Having years of experience in the construction and home improvement field a bathroom remodel can be done effortlessly; without causing any damage to your home. It is crucial to have the right professionals install a wet room as if it is not done properly and is not perfectly waterproof then it will cause disruptive water damage throughout your property.

“But What’s The Purpose Of A Wet Room?”

Image of Michael Bay’s LA Wet Room

To maximize the look and feel of bathroom space – as having a wet room allows for an open-ended bathroom design plan. It will make any room seem larger, brighter and all the more modern. All while giving you a gorgeous, luxury inspired, spa like bathroom makeover / renovation.

With wet rooms you don’t have to worry about strenuous cleaning as there is a lack of fixtures (if chosen). It’s just one open space in which the entire room can be considered your shower. Making cleaning quick and easy.

Taking in consideration of those who require the use of a wheelchair, it makes showering easier as the whole room is now the shower. Being the perfect commodity for those who are disabled or anyone who requires an easy access shower solution.