Building A New Business Facility

October 15, 2017 Off By Admin

One thing that all business owners want is to be successful and have their company grow. Profits are also very welcome. The intention when first opening your door is to have it start small and then expand as the years pass. When the business does grow, you will need to look for a larger facility in which to operate or add on to your existing building. Either way, you will need to find a good construction company to work with. DFW Construction is one of many companies that are available to do this work and they have been in business for a very long time. They are fully insured and licensed. 

Searching for The Right Company 

If your business is looking to build a new warehouse or office complex, you should look at the internet and get a list of names for you to contact. You could also look in the phone book for a list. Once you have reviewed the list, you should check to see which of them will give you a free estimate for the work to be done. You may find that your list is still quite long and at this point, you may want to seek recommendations from friends or colleagues to narrow it down. 

Getting an Estimate for The Work 

Have several of the companies come in to your work site and give you an estimate of the work to be done. This should include the total cost and how long it will take to complete. You will also want to check their qualifications and get a list of previous customer names to check out. Prior clients will be able to tell you about the companies work ethic. Estimates should always be in writing and include a clause that would tell you if there were any unforeseen circumstances, how the contractor will handle it. It could mean additional cost to you. 

Progress Reports on The Work Being Done 

You will want to make sure you check on the work being done at regular intervals. This could be daily or weekly. Be sure that everything is being done to your satisfaction and according to the plans that were made at the onset. The general contractor will walk you through the process as they go and let you know what has been completed and what is still to be done. If there are any problems that have come up, he will go over it with you at that time. 

With each walk through, you should keep a record of anything you may notice that needs correction. This checklist should be finished by the time the work is complete. When the contractor is done with the work, you will do a final inspection of the job. At this time, your checklist should be signed off by the contractor to ensure that all the items have been done. If everything is done to your satisfaction, you will release the final payments and sign off on the job. The contractor will give you your receipt with the company guarantee for the work.