Common Myths About Cleaning Wool Carpets

Common Myths About Cleaning Wool Carpets

October 17, 2018 Off By Admin

Wool carpets are a common choice for homeowners who are seeking warmth, comfort, durability, and environmentally friendly benefits in their floor coverings. What’s great about wool is that it brings a reliability and sustainability that other types of materials lack and that can also make wool carpeting a little more expensive to purchase and install.

Due to that increased investment, there’s also a fear of ruining the carpet by cleaning it because there have been so many myths being perpetrated by people who don’t know the facts about how to clean wool carpet.

Well that ends right here, right now. Let’s bust some of the common myths that people have about cleaning wool carpets so you can better inform yourself as to what to do and what not to do.

The truth is you can damage your wool carpet but that holds true for just about any type of carpet material if you clean it improperly. But we’re going to help you avoid committing those mistakes and shed some light on the realities of cleaning your wool carpet correctly.

Wet-Cleaning Wool Carpet

Many believe that if you wet-clean your wool carpeting you can damage the fibers and that could permanently mar the appearance. However, this is entirely incorrect because wool is a form of hair and you know that hair will not be damaged if you use water to clean it.

You take a shower and wash your own hair, have you noticed any serious lasting impacts that have destroyed its appearance? Of course not and the same goes for your wool carpeting. Using a wet extraction cleaner, you can get all of the dirt, bacteria, germs, and other harmful contaminants that get ground deep into the material and give you carpet a fresh new look.

Perhaps some of the confusion here is based on the fact that excessive moisture can have a detrimental impact on carpet in that too much wetness in and under the carpet can lead to damage and the growth of mold and mildew. But professional wet extraction cleaning machines are designed to prevent your carpet from getting saturated with moisture.


While it’s entirely possible to shrink a wool sweater by putting into a washing machine, there is no such concern when wet-cleaning your wool carpets. That’s because wool is perfectly safe to be cleaned with water at moderately warm or even cool temperatures.

But you still need to take care you don’t oversaturate the fibers of the carpet as wool can be a highly absorbent material, one that will retain moisture if it becomes inundated. But this will not cause your carpet to shrink or change in size in any way.

Again, the only risks are excess moisture which is something you must be careful about when cleaning any type of carpeting, wool or otherwise.

Discoloration of the Carpet

One of the more common misconceptions about cleaning wool carpets is that using a wet-cleaning process can lead to discoloration of some kind.

This is also inaccurate because carpet only changes color due to oversaturation of the backing of your carpet material. It has nothing to do with your fibers unless they are not colorfast. In that instance you may experience some level of discoloration or fading but it’s not an issue that you should be overly concerned with since most carpets are manufactured to have colorfast fibers.

However, should you feel a little uneasy about employing wet-cleaning techniques to your carpet you can test a small patch along the edge of the carpet to make sure you don’t have a discoloration issue or simply give Green Dog Chem-Dry Frederick a call to come out and clean your carpet responsibly.

Our technicians have been fully trained in the proper cleaning techniques for wool carpeting and understand which cleaners are wool safe and which ones are not, so we may avoid any long-term damage to the fibers or backing and preserve your floor covering for as long as you own it.

Avoid Using Bleach

Yes! Don’t ever use bleach on your wool carpet because it can actively dissolve the fibers and permanently damage the appearance. Always be sure to avoid using carpet cleaners that contain bleach on any wool or wool blend carpets. You will definitely ruin your expensive investment if you aren’t careful about checking the ingredients in your chosen carpet cleaner before you apply it to the surface.

Air Dry Wool Carpets for Best Results

This is bad advice because you want to avoid excessive wetness and moisture with your carpeting. The faster it dries, the better it is for the condition of your wool carpet. It’s okay to get the wool wet from cleaning but you want to get it dry in a shorter period of time.

So air out the room in which the carpet has been installed for best results. Fans can be helpful as well.