Detecting and Repairing a Leak

November 13, 2017 Off By Admin

If your water bills are unexplainably higher than they should be, then you may be experiencing a slow barely discernible leak in one of your pipes. If this is happening, then it may be time to consider leak detection services columbus oh. The problem with pipes is that they are run throughout your home, many of them in hidden areas where you would not immediately or in some instances ever see signs of a leak. The only way you would know there was a problem would be to watch your water meter and see if that it was running despite it being turned off at the main shut-off valve. Then you would have no doubt that you do indeed have a leak.

Determining There is a Leak

The best way to identify a leak in your home that is not causing obvious water damage is to turn all the water off at the main shut off valve, which you will find at one of several places. It will either be located at in the garage behind the outdoor faucet or in the basement or just below the outdoor faucet. After turning off the water, watch the meter, if it continues moving, you have a leak.

Using the Meter or a Leak Indicator

Usually newer homes are fortunate enough to have a leak indicator. If you have a leak indicator, you can forego turning off your water. You should be able to observe your leak indicator. The leak indicator is located on your meter, so look for a triangle or a small rotating wheel. If the leak indicator is moving, you have a leak.

Hiring a Professional for Leak Detection

Upon determining that you have a leak, you now need to get it repaired. Hiring a professional is the right way to solve this type of problem. They have the proper equipment to detect the leak’s placement and the right tools to correct the problem. Because your water system is so complex, using a professional who is familiar with the system is the best way to resolve the issue.

Professional Leak Detection Methods

Most professionals use acoustical leak detectors which have microphone with the system to magnify the sound while the worker wears a headphone to drown out the surrounding noises and listens for the leak. There are also optical alarms which alert you when excessive water is being used or leaked. Leaks can be in the slab, in the sewer line, in the basement, throughout the house as well as in the irrigation system.

Because of all those possibilities using a professional who can employ the most sophisticated means to determine where the leak is located is the most economical option. First, you can contain the leak faster and secondly, you don’t have to waste effort haphazardly searching for the leak. Without the right expertise there’s also the possibility that a lay person would unknowingly opening areas that don’t house the leak, which would simply add to the problem.