How to Choose What Color to Paint Your Home

January 7, 2018 Off By Admin

Who knew there could be so many choices of paint colors when you’re ready to paint your home?  Deciding to paint your home can be an easy decision, and quickly become much more difficult when you put yourself in front of the small samples at the paint store. There are many different shades of paint available for you to pick from when you’re ready see me home. We’re here to help you decide which color you should choose and why.

Look at the Style

The first thing that you should look at when you’re deciding what color to paint your home is what style your home is. If you live in a very traditional home you should stick with very traditional colors. If you live in a more modern home, you can be a little bit more edgy with the colors that you choose. It really depends on what your home style is. If your home is a very Craftsman style you should stick with whites and grays and browns. If you live in a very modern home black is going to be a big feature in your home most likely. You may also be able to throw in some bright colors into the mix.

How Ambitious You Are

This may sound crazy, but you need to decide how ambitious you are. If you really love the paint,  you can take a risk and she’s in more edgy color that you were in love with today. If it’s not a big deal to you if you have to repaint the wall in a year, you don’t have to be a certain and careful on the color choice. You can choose that fun blue color that’s really drag you in today, because you’re okay with changing in a year if you still don’t love it.

However, if you do not want to have to paint your walls again for another 10 years you need to be very sure that you love the color that you choose. You should also choose a color that is very neutral because you are likely going to have it for a long time. If you were planning on keeping the paint on your walls for a number of years, you need to choose a paint that has a good life span, and it’s pretty neutral. We would suggest sticking with the whites, grays, or tans  just because they are neutral.

You should also consider that colors that are very dark or very light may be more difficult to paint with. If you were covering a dark wall color it is going to take more work. If you are painting your home with a dark color you’re going to want to be careful and do the job well. If you spill any paint on your carpet is going to be very noticeable. Make sure that you’ve covered your carpet well and that you are not risking a big black spot on the carpet when you’re finished.

Don’t allow yourself to become too overwhelmed at the paint aisle.  There are many different choices, but if you can narrow down what’s important to you, how ambitious you are, and what style your home is used to be able to narrow down the choices dramatically.