How To Increase Your Home’s Natural Light

How To Increase Your Home’s Natural Light

August 3, 2018 Off By Admin

If your home has windows, then you can have natural light in your home. However, there are often hindrances that prevent all of that light from getting in or being utilized to its maximum potential. Boosting the natural light in your home can brighten a room and make it look more inviting, while also helping you lower your electricity bills in the process.

But not everyone knows how to make the most of the natural light that gets in or how to increase the amount they receive each day the sun rises overhead. We’re going to help you maximize your home’s natural light by making just a few simple rearrangements and performing some routine maintenance in and out of the house.

Many believe that getting more natural light means having to plan elaborate home improvement projects where walls or doors are replaced with transparent glass. This is certainly one way to get the job done and, who knows, maybe your home could really use some brand new picture style home windows where your regular everyday versions currently reside.

For the purposes of this information, however, we are going to examine some of the more inexpensive alternatives that are easy to pull off with just a little work on your part. Here are some tips on how you might go about bringing more light into the house:

Clear the Windows

Natural light is brought in through the windows and skylights installed into your home’s exterior. When the windows are shut or blocked, very little light can get in. That’s why you need to first make sure that your windows are free and clear of any obstacles that might be in the way.

So take a long look outside of your windows, what do you see? If it’s mostly tree limbs, thickets of brush and leaves, or hanging vines, you must trim that greenery down so it’s no longer blocking the sun from entering the room.

Trimming these hindrances away from the outside of your home is the first important step for increasing the natural light.

After you (or a paid professional) perform some impromptu landscaping at the windows, it’s time to give them a good cleaning. Dirty glass can also filter the sun’s rays from getting into the home, so wipe them down with a reliable cleanser to make them look good as new.

Consider the Furniture in the Home

Sometimes your furniture can be a hindrance to natural light, due to the size and style of the pieces that you’ve placed inside the room. Take a look at what you have in each room and decide what should stay and what might need to go.

Couches and chairs with short legs or no legs at all can cover more of the floor and that will contribute to the reduction of natural light. When your furniture has higher or thinner legs, you reveal more of your flooring.

Next, take a look at the placement of your furniture in the room. Are any of your pieces too close or blocking the windows? Much like those trees outside, it may be time to move your furniture away from it so you can have more light coming in.

Picking Your Window Coverings

We’re still talking about keeping your windows free and clear as entrances for the sun to shine on in. That means choosing window dressing that will allow that to occur. Heavy drapes made of darker materials are going to close your windows off from the outside world entirely. Blinds are also designed to cover your window glass for total privacy.

Both of these will fail at increasing your home’s natural light. Choose your window coverings more wisely by opting for brighter, thinner alternatives to allow for the light to make its entrance while still offering you some level of privacy.

Reflective Surfaces

Natural light can also be increased in any room through the use of reflective surfaces throughout the room. This might include changing your flooring materials to something with some sheen and polish, such as fine woods or ceramics.

Mirrors are also a great benefit to any room’s natural lighting. Not only do the give the appearance of increased size, but they can also boost the sun’s illumination for as long as it faces your home’s windows. You can use one or more mirrors depending on how much more light you want to bring in and the size of the room you’re working in.

Sometimes replacing the furniture with similar pieces that are made from reflective materials can also improve the amount of light that comes in each time.