Outdoor Gazebos Offer Many Options for Homeowners

October 8, 2017 Off By Admin

Outdoor gazebos offer an excellent escape from being locked inside your air-conditioned home. In the gazebo, you are under the shade cast by the roof and you are exposed to the free blowing wind that flows through the supports. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy an outdoor meal, read a book, pet the dog or play a game of chess. 

Shelter from the Hot Rays of the Sun 

Not only do gazebos offer shade to the heat-weary resident, they also create a wonderful oasis for guests to flock to when they visit for an outdoor cookout. The children may be happy running around in the mid-day sun, but most of the adults will be frantically looking for shade. Your gazebo will be their fortress. So, place plenty of folding chairs in the gazebo offering them respite from the sun. 

Party Planning with a Gazebo 

Gazebos make a great addition to a party’s décor. Birthday parties, wedding parties and general outdoor parties can all benefit from the presence of a gazebo. The structure itself can be the focal point of the party with distinct decorations beckoning the guest to gravitate toward it. If an outdoor wedding is planned, the gazebo could be the location where the vows would be taken and seating for the guests could be placed around it. If a birthday party is planned, the birthday cake could be served inside the gazebo. If a cookout is taking place, the grilling could take place inside and the guests could venture in one by one to get their food. 

Afternoon Relaxing in the Gazebo 

Let’s face it everyone needs down time. A gazebo is an excellent place to wind down and simply relax. A gazebo gives the homeowner a place to retire away from the stress of daily life. Dress in your most comfortable flip-flops and your favorite house dress or stretch pants and lie back in your favorite lawn chair while under the shade of your gazebo. Maybe you read your favorite best seller or maybe you simply take a nap. 

Types of Gazebos 

• Folly Gazebo – for decoration only, this type of gazebo is meant to be an ornament for a garden and not to be used. 

• Rotunda Gazebo – is a circular structure usually with a domed roof supported by columns. 

• Pagoda – are usually wooden and originate from Japan. They are both functional and ornamental. 

• Pavilion – tend to be large enough to accommodate larger crowds and typically they serve as a gathering place for events. 

• Pergola – often an extension of the house, they usually are built to allow vines to grow across the roofing. 

Gazebos can serve many purposes. How it is used depends on the needs of the household to which it belongs. Because it is so versatile, it gives the homeowners a wide variety of options for both relaxing and entertaining. It can serve as both a backdrop and a centerpiece for an event and always offers shelter from the sun and rain.