Signs Your Water Pressure Is Too High

Signs Your Water Pressure Is Too High

February 5, 2021 Off By Admin

When your water shower trickles or it takes forever for your washing machine to fill up, you are experiencing low water pressure in your household. Yet, have you ever thought that high water pressure may also cause inconveniences? 

It may damage your water fixtures and pipes. High water pressure can cause a burst, crack or leak in your water pipes. What’s worse, it may lead to a pipe burst, crack, or leak that can damage not only your property but even lives. It also shortens the lifespan of your appliances. High water pressure can put stress on appliances that use water. As such, it hastens the wear-and-tear of these fixtures. 

So, what are the signs that your water pressure is too high?

Signs Your Water Pressure Is Too High

Here are 4 easy-to-spot signals if the water pressure in your property is too high. 

Banging, Clanging, or Shuddering Sounds in Your Water Pipes

Ideally, water should not make a strange sound when you flush your toilet or turn on your faucet and showers. But when you hear some banging, clanging, or shuddering sounds from the inside of your walls, it may signal that your water pressure is too high. If the sound persists after you shut down your flush or turn off your faucet and showers, you should immediately call a plumber Eastern Suburbs Sydney residents rely on. It’s because there’s a possibility that a pipe leak is already in progress and you have to resolve it before it gets worse.

High Water Bills

If your water bills are high even if your water usage remains, it might also be a sign that your water pressure is too high. A typical faucet with a regular water pressure of around 50 psi consumes 30 gallons of water in a minute. If the water pressure goes up by 10 psi, it will consume 36 gallons of water in a minute. Thus, the higher your water pressure is, the higher is your water bill. A plumber in Eastern Suburbs Sydney can help you determine if your water pressure is just right. They can help you save hundreds of dollars by keeping your plumbing system running smoothly. 

Noise from Appliances Using Water

If your dishwasher or washing machine is unexpectedly loud when operating them, you may also be dealing with water pressure that is too high. High water pressure forces the mechanisms and seals of these appliances to make tons of noise. It may damage them or hasten their wear-and-tear. By calling a plumber

in Eastern Suburbs Sydney, you can prevent such things from happening.

Shortness in Hot Water Supply

You may commonly experience shortness in your hot water supply if your water pressure is too high. Water heaters are designed to take in a set rate of water for a consistent hot water supply. If your water pressure is too high, the tank of your water heater may fill up too fast. The water heater can no longer accommodate heating the water properly because the kit exceeded the set rate. So, you’ll experience shortness in your hot water supply. Water pressure that is too high can also decrease the lifespan of your water heater. It’s because the quick water movement in the water tank causes it to be stressed. 

If you encounter the abovementioned signs that your water pressure is too high, there’s only one thing you will need to do. Call a team of licensed plumbers in Eastern Suburbs Sydney. They are experts in diagnosing the water pressure problem and finding the perfect solutions to these issues.