Tips To Successfully Maintain House Temperature in Orlando

Tips To Successfully Maintain House Temperature in Orlando

October 14, 2020 Off By Admin

The more we think about warm weather and the people living in cities that comprise of warm weather, the more we are inclined towards moving into a place that has a warmer climate in comparison. If you are looking forward to moving into a place that literally does not send chills down your spine during the winters then, Orlando is the place for you.

An amazing Floridan state with a population of just over 300,000 people, Orlando houses some of the best facilities across the world. The city lies in the crazy state of Florida which is one of the hottest places in America. With the summer temperature averaging 90o F and the winters unlike North Dakota and Minnesota are quite mild at 40o F, we can say it is indeed a treat for people who don’t like sharp and stringent weather conditions.

If you are considering a move to Orlando, there are certain tips and tricks that you need to know about maintaining the indoor temperature of the house.

Let’s discuss these points in detail so you have everything cleared before moving.

Get yourself good air conditioning

Air conditioning is the key here. If you are looking to air condition your house, there are a lot of options available. From the split AC’s to the more powerful standing aircons, there are a lot of options available. Now you can also go with the option to centrally air-condition the house as well. Thanks to modern technology, there are multiple options available for people who are looking for eco-friendly and power-saving air conditioners as well. Now with so many options available, you can choose the perfect one that suits your house requirements the most. Make sure that your air conditioners are cleaned by professionals every month.

Keep the doors shut

Once your air-conditioning is all in place, make sure that you are closing the doors to maintain coolness in the room. You must keep all the entry points closed so that the room stays cool and you are not wasting electricity for no reason. People with kids mostly complain that their children leave the rooms open. This can be eliminated if you train them and teach them the value of electricity and money.

  • Make sure that you place foams and rubbers around the frames of the doors as it will help you isolate the room.
  • Clean the doors and rubber drafts so that there is no cool air escaping.

Seal your windows

Just like doors, windows provide an equal opportunity for the cool air to escape the room. While your cool air from the room is escaping, these windows are offering an open platform for the hot Orlando air to jump in. This will cause your air conditioner to utilize much more energy and not be as effective.

  • Thoroughly clean the window tracks and sill from the inside to get rid of any components like grease. Apart from cleanliness, clean windows will also offer you much more security.
  • To make sure that the external portion of the window is also secure and not causing any “cool-air breaches” add a silicon latex caulk around the frame of the window. This will make sure that the window is secured, sealed and no hot air is trespassing.

Keep the ventilation running

Frequently ignored, but still crucial. Is the ventilation of the house? The vents will move the air throughout the premise. It is important to keep the vents clean and tidy so that the smooth flow of air is possible.  

To get rid of the dirt, you need to use microfiber cloths to clean the vents. You can damp the clothes with anti-bacterial liquid to keep them germ-free as well. It is always recommended that you change the air filter of the house every month or two months.  


Orlando is an amazing place and many people prefer to move to Orlando because of the warmer weather conditions. Sometimes, the weather becomes too hot and you need to maintain the temperature in the house.

Get proper air conditioning in your house and make sure that your windows, doors, and vents are cleaned and sealed properly. Having a proper air conditioning system in your house can actually help you maintain the days with really hot weather.