Top Tips for Buying a Velvet Sofa

Top Tips for Buying a Velvet Sofa

January 21, 2021 Off By Admin

Already hugely popular throughout 2020, velvet is not ready to bow out just yet. Set to continue its reign in interior trend for 2021 and beyond it’s clear to be a trend that keeps on growing. Velvet may just be the choice for you, particularly when it comes to sofas.

First of all, let’s break down why velvet is set to remain so popular?

Velvet truly offers the best of both worlds, a chic and contemporary appearance coupled with a plush, comforting touch. This allows for people to combine style and comfort in their homes, without compromise.  It’s also an easy, effortless and cost friendly way to introduce contemporary color into a space, with spectrums of colors readily available, promising to cater to any interior.

Velvet is also deceptively hardwearing and long lasting, when bought from the right suppliers. This is all down to the quality of the velvet, which can be difficult to determine online. As we continue to do much of our shopping online due to the continued effects of the coronavirus pandemic, this might make you think twice. We say, don’t let it. Achieve your dream sofa, today!

Read our top tips to ensure you choose the perfect velvet sofa for your space.


A quality velvet, or any fabric for that matter, should have undergone a ‘rub test’ most commonly the ‘Martindale test’. This is a test that determines the resilience of a fabric for different uses, from light weight décor to heavy duty commercial and retail usage. When it comes to an investment such as a sofa, it pays to know how velvets measure up. These will likely be noted in the product descriptions, helping buyers select the right choice for their needs. If these aren’t noted, getting in touch with a member of the sales team for more information is totally worth it. If a manufacturer can’t give you this rating or the velvet hasn’t been tested, it may be a red flag for poor quality, so shopping around for quality is best to avoid disappointment in the years to come.  


Velvets are brilliant for capturing bright, vibrant tones as well as beautifully displaying more neutral tones. Picking the right colour for your sofa can mean looking more closely at your current interior, or the interior vision you have in mind. Taking the focal color from this interior, usually a wall color or wallpaper and breaking down the tones in this is the easiest way to identify whether warm/cold tones are going to suit your space best. Finding the undertones in your primary color choice will help you narrow down the large selections of color choice. Remember, that the pile of a velvet makes the color and tone vary in certain lights and after certain touch, for example brushing pile forward or backward can alter the impression of a color.

We recommend using free samples and swatches from retailers to get a true feel for a color in your space, placing this amongst the color palette in use or being used in the space.


Incorporate Velvet Slowly

If you like the idea of velvet, but aren’t sure if committing to an entirely velvet suite is the right move for your space, why not look at footstools and pouffes? These are a great way to bring a burst of color and chic into your space without replacing sofas or chairs. A great mid-point between accent and statement piece, a velvet footstool will upgrade your space aesthetically, as well as making for a comfier space.

Get even more from your space with style and substance combined, look out for storage saving solutions and stools. These bring both comfort and style into your home while also helping you get the most from the space you have.

Browse Stores

Okay, you might not be able to browse stores physically at the moment. So, do just that, digitally.

Velvet has a wide spectrum of feels, textures, durability and colors and different factors can mean two seemingly similar velvets, can actually be worlds apart. Natural and synthetic fibres can affect how velvets will look and feel as well as differences in suppliers and manufacturing processes. If you have decided on a colour you love, request as many swatches as you can, to ensure that you’re getting the truest color match possible, as well as the best quality.  Most suppliers offer free samples, so you won’t break the bank, but you’ll be sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

It’s also a great way to decide what accents to go for, seeing how different colours and tones compliment your sofa, helping you make your living space into the perfect dreamy interior.

In short, even though shopping has changed this year, sofa shopping doesn’t have to be super hard! You can still make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for and create a brilliant space