Versatility in Storage Solutions and Outbuildings

September 23, 2017 Off By Admin

Many homeowners find themselves with too little storage or a home without outbuildings. While some homes offer a spacious three-car garage, the reality is that there are plenty that do not. Perhaps a single car garage with barely enough space to squeeze in that oversized SUV; if you listen closely you may even hear a squeak. You can forget about stacking Christmas boxes, or sports equipment in there! With the options that are available in the current market, prefab garages are gaining popularity. Their versatility, many size options, and customizations make these buildings a popular choice. With sizes available up to 16′ x 40′, there are options for almost any budget. 

Insurance companies prefer your vehicles to be garaged. It lowers the risk of theft, protects the vehicle from the elements, and keeps your vehicle out of sight. With a prefab garage, you will not have the enormous cost of building from scratch with a hired contractor. Have you considered the purchase of a boat, or perhaps a motorcycle, a lawnmower, or ATV’s, but realized you didn’t have a safe place to keep them? This is a perfect opportunity to make those wishes become reality. With a large overhead door for vehicles and a standard entrance door for you, the possibilities are endless. 

These structures are made with quality materials, with standard accessories such as windows, paint, shingles, and trim that make it unique to your liking. 
The floor is constructed of heavy-duty materials to support a mid-size vehicle, boat, or lawnmower with ease. According to this website, a prefab garage can last for about 20-25 years! That’s probably longer than you will have your vehicles themselves! 

Companies will offer free delivery to your location, set up your new garage in just a few hours usually! That is much, much faster than traditional building from scratch, which can take months and months of planning, permitting, surveying, and bidding. There are plenty of other options, as well. Perhaps you would love to erect a storage shed. There are many options for sheds and other prefab buildings that are just as affordable, easy to maintain, and have the perfect look you envision. A small art studio, sewing room, or playhouse are gaining popularity among homeowners. 

There are many options to consider once you decide on your building, also. Such as your color choice, shutters, shingle color, trim, and even the shape of your building! If you are in a position that your home is bursting at the seams with too much ‘stuff’, or that beautiful classic car is now the outhouse for every bird in the neighborhood, you would truly benefit from a new, customizable, and unique garage. Because these buildings can be moved if you sell your home, you can take it with you instead of leaving it for the next person. You cannot do that with a built-from-scratch garage! There are many things to consider when shopping around, contact a professional to answer any questions or concerns you may have.