Why you should use CCTV for pipe inspections

Why you should use CCTV for pipe inspections

September 29, 2020 Off By Admin

You can use a plunger to solve a plumbing problem, but the more challenging problems require that you use other tools like a snake which would slide through and unblock the drains. Now, snakes won’t work all times, and thus the perfect approach is using a camera. Which camera then will help you navigate through and fix the problems? 

A CCTV camera will mirror the pipes, and you can bring to light all that is causing problems.

See below why you need a CCTV camera.

Protects your property

Before the CCTV cameras came in the picture, you would need to dig up that portion of the yard where you suspected a problem. That involves costly labor, and you’re not sure where the problem is and thus end up digging a significant portion of the place. Sometimes it can mean you clear bushes, flowers and grass that you have invested your money and resources in growing. With CCTV cameras, it is easy o detect where the problem is in your plumbing system and fix it in time without having to dig your yard. Doesn’t that make a lot of sense?

For safety

Imagine you’re digging some portion of your backyard to fix a problem with your drainage and all-of-a-sudden, you fracture a gas pipe- that can lead to injuries and you may end up destroying your property and endangering the lives of your family members. 

A CCTV is remotely controlled, and therefore no digging is involved. You only check through your pipes and the whole system, identifying the places that need fixing, then cure that specific portion and that’s it. 

Helps you reduce cost

 With sewer line or drainage system repairs, two things are involved; labor and time. Fixing the problem manually would require that you dig through some portion to identify the problem. That is something that will take you hours, and if there are several leakages, you can imagine the cost of labor. Fixing the problem and repairing the dug portions of your yard is another cost altogether. 

A pipe inspections Brisbane expert will use a CCTV camera to focus on that portion that needs repair and in minutes, you’ll have discovered where the issue is and prescribe the perfect cure. That saves you all the cost and what you need to do is pay for the service, which is way too low compared to the manual way.

It’s easy to fix the drainage problem.

Think about it; check through the drainage pipes for leakage, digging a few portions to inspect where there could be a blockage. All that is quite involving and takes lots of time and energy. Even when you fix the problem, you’re not sure that it’s completely cured.  A CCTV camera will help you scan through the pipes and all your drainage system. Thus you identify the problems that need fixing. The issues will be seen in videos and where need be, set speakers and listen to the behavior of the sewer flow. Now, that makes the whole process easy.