Your guide for the rooftop garden

Your guide for the rooftop garden

February 26, 2018 Off By Admin

So are you too thrilled about the idea of a formal kitchen garden? A place where you can get the fresh green vegetables all the time? Do you want to be the gardener of your own little kitchen patio vegetable patch?

If so, here is our guide for you to grow the best kind of vegetation and to get the most out of your terrace or rooftop garden. You can make it a place where you can pick the vegetables you love, fresh at any time and also a visual treat by adding the ornamental plants to it. Mixing the decorative plants and the vegetable and fruit ones is the best idea for a lovely in home garden.

Here are our reasons for you to start your rooftop garden asap.

  • They make an excellent use of the otherwise unused space
  • They provide you with privacy
  • The sunlight is usually very splendid in them
  • There are no chances of chickens and goats
  • They save you a good deal of money that you will have to spend on buying vegetables from market
  • They provide you with a beautiful space to sit in and enjoy the gardening and family time

So now you know the reasons for planting the rooftop garden, now s the time to know the things to consider when you are about to do so.

  • Check whether the local authorities allow the vegetation at homes and rooftops as there always are some guidelines in this field
  • Check for the strength of the structure as well. Can it hold the load of the soil and pots? You ca hire a professional to learn about it and then start off with the process
  • The people living in the apartments have to pay special attention to the access they will be using for supplying the equipment and other goodies to the rooftop. Some municipalities have separate enter/exit point for such things that can create debris
  • Check the direction and availability of the sunlight on your roof or terrace. If the terrace is fully covered by the terraces above, then you will have to consider the location of the plants for that as well
  • The plants will be needing some shade as well to save from the extreme heat and the heat from other parts of the environment
  • If you want your garden to be in the privacy then you can make use of the fences and screens to stop the hindrance from the surroundings and get more private
  • Last but not the least factor to be consider is the amount you are willing to spend on your gardening adventure, based on your budget you have to decide how much setup you want to establish for the gardening

Based on these guideline tips before the start of the procedure, you can get a lovely garden in no time and for getting more tips you can check this out.