Tips to repair your leaked roof – How to spot and take immediate action

June 23, 2017 Off By Admin

Do you find stains of water which extend through the ceilings or which run down the walls? If yes, this is probably being caused to a roof leak. The hardest part is tracking the leak but the fixes are generally easy to perform. Roof leaks can be caused due to gaps in the metal which flash through vent pipes and chimneys, missing shingles or due to small holes in the roof top. When you check the roof, it is indeed tough to detect the source of the leak as it is pretty tough to pinpoint such a small leak. The water actually runs down the roof decking and rafters before dripping from the ceiling.

Locating a roof leak – Might be hard but not impossible

  • Go to the attic and carry a flashlight either during heavy rain or soon after a period of heavy rain. Make sure you don’t step through the ceiling. If there’s no natural rainfall, you can use a hose pipe to make your roof wet.
  • Inspect the roof rafters and decking in the attic just above the spot where you find your ceiling to be wet.
  • Follow the stains of water or the wet spots up the roof or the rafters which deck to the highest point.
  • Measure the peak of the roof to the highest point of the leak and to the end of the leak.
  • When the roof gets dry, go to the roof and convert the measurements to the roof, permitting an overhand towards the end of the roof.
  • Take a close and careful look at the roof to detect signs of the leak at the location which you have measured.
  • In case you’re not successful in detecting the source of the leak, start looking higher up on the roof as water can sometimes even run through the shingles as well.

Are there any solutions for a small leak?

There are some extremely small roof leaks which are indeed difficult to spot. In case your ceiling has got a plastic vapor barrier between the attic insulation and the dry wall, push the insulation and watch out for flow stains on the plastic. There are chances that water will run to the openings through the vapor barrier like the ceiling light fixtures.

What if you can’t find any noteworthy flow marks? If the stain is pretty small, look towards the underside of the roof for shiners. The moisture which escapes to the cold attic from rooms below usually condenses on the cold nails. If you climb to your attic on a cold night, this is something that you can spot. When the roof heats up, the frost melts and drips and this makes water run down.

Therefore, if you’re a resident of Sydney and you have recently spotted a leak in the roof, get help of roof leaks Sydney professionals who can guide you on the steps to take in order to repair the issue.