How To Furnish A Small Living Room


Living rooms are one of the fulcrums of home life where each of us spends most of our free time in search of relaxation, in the company of a good book or people.

Very often, however, this area of ​​the house is small and you can’t customize it as you would like.

The approach of candied plastered walls and wooden walls creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere… Imagine on a winter day, when you come back to work, how nice it is to spend a couple of hours in this jewel.

If you love mirrors, moreover, using them will give the small spaces more brightness as well as be a great solution to create chromatic reverbs that give vivacity and movement to space.

White also increases the perceived amplitude, especially when combined with a large window. In this way, the environment is lightened and made apparently more spacious.

If a living room has a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape, the choice of a rustic style could be brought back into the space of small recalls that enhance the relationship between interior and exterior.


A wise idea that Masoni Design wants to give you to overcome space problems is to use a pouf as a table eliminating the need to fill the environment with different objects.

If you can separate two environments with a fitted wall, doing so will give you a greater passage of light and air exchange, making the space more salubrious and pleasant.

Very often the secret is hidden in small details such as the carpet that represents a way to infuse the personality and elegance of the stay and to ideally divide the spaces.

Illumination is also essential for optically widening spaces and creating special settings; nowadays you can find many types of light sources on the market that will allow you to personalize your stay in the best possible way.

And we end up talking in the living room talking about the couch, usually very cumbersome. That’s why many designers have made great success in designing sofas that can fulfill the storage function: a great gimmick to recover valuable space!