Guide to Costs of Kitchen Renovations (Perth)

Guide to Costs of Kitchen Renovations (Perth)

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One of the most methodical and costly undertakings that every owner goes through include kitchen renovations Perth along with every city in Australia has spent approximately $7.2 billion on significant renovations in the financial year of 2014 to 2015. Primary reasons that lead to complete kitchen renovation include but are not only limited to location, efficiency, and the universal design of the homeowners interior spaces.

Ordinarily, the costs of a full kitchen makeover depend on a lot of factors such as size, location, installation, and direct labor. Consequently, it also requires thorough planning and a complete understanding of the financial resources needed for the specific project. Put simply, it takes a massive commitment from the homeowner to turn kitchen renovation ideas into fruition.

In a study published by Houzz on the 2018 Australia Kitchen Trends journal, researchers found out that an average kitchen renovation would cost $19,300 in Australia. In 2017, most Australian homeowners between the ages of 35 to 54 years old spent close to the average expenditure of kitchen renovations. It also added that the average cost of a large kitchen with a dimension of more than 10 square meters is at $22,600 while the intermediate overhead for a small kitchen renovation is priced at $14,600.

Interestingly enough, the study also revealed that more than 20 percent of the homeowners who revamped their kitchen last year spent over $35,000 in renovations. Much of those 20 percent was made up of homeowners over the age of 55, which according to Houzz, spent more on a kitchen renovation compared to those who are under 35. On average, the budget of an Australian homeowner to make their kitchen renovation ideas a reality is between the range of $10,001 to $20,000 and $20,001, to $35,000.

Rewards of Performing a Kitchen Renovation

  1. Improve Function and Safety

Certain benefits of having a kitchen renovated are being able to enhance its overall function. Homeowners can create more storage space by not only adding more cabinets but also by upgrading some of the kitchen’s lighting fixtures and appliances. Moreover, upgrading kitchen appliances to more energy-efficient models can also minimise the amount of energy used by the kitchen, thus, saving money in the process.  In addition, a kitchen renovation also allows the homeowner to put up wall ovens to avert injuries resulting in physical overexertion and further promote a safe environment.

  1. Provide More Comfort

Another advantage of kitchen renovation is its ability to increase comfort in a multitude of ways. For instance, installing larger windows can attract more sunlight while value-added ventilation can minimize the heat and smell that are chiefly caused by cooking.

  1. Enhance Home Value

Kitchen renovation ideas can also play a huge part in increasing the value of a property in the real estate market most especially if you are looking to sell your home. As a matter of fact, the 2018 Cost vs. Value report published in the Remodelling magazine stated that remodeling efforts can uplift the value of the home by 57 percent.