Getting Your Garden Summer Ready

Getting Your Garden Summer Ready

February 22, 2020 Off By Admin

We may still be in the grips of winter but that is no reason not to start planning for the garden and how you can get it in shape for the summer months. Time goes quickly and it will not be long before summer is upon us, and are you prepared to be that person who realizes that they should have put some work in long before the summer began?

To make sure that your garden is in top condition, here are some tips on what you should start to look at.

Good Housekeeping

Before you do anything else it will be vitally important that you spend the first few weeks just giving the garden a good clean-up. Throughout the fall and the winter our gardens take something of a battering and they can be left with overgrown or messy plants, broken fences or brickwork and a lot of debris throughout. Dedicate your first stint in the garden to getting back to a tidy space, from there you can begin to really get the garden in good shape.


If you have decking in your back garden then spring may be a perfect time for you to get it sanded down and revarnished so that it looks as good as new one those summer months arrive. If you don’t already have decking in your garden then this may be something which you wish to explore as it provides a wonderful space to relax in, as well as helping to section off the garden which has greater aesthetic appeal.

Repaint and Restructure

When it comes to any fencing, walls or structures in the garden, now is a great time to give them a touch up and get them back to looking their best. Over time walls, rockeries and even garden gnomes can become discolored or change their form, which makes the garden look a little tired. Now is the perfect time to get around all of these additional features in the garden looked at, spruced up and looking great again.


If you have been thinking about installing some bedding areas in your garden then now is an ideal time to get started, as you will have enough time to create the space and plant some seeds which will flower in the summer months. You will also find that you can get some much better prices on the materials which you will need for this such as the earth, bricks and concrete and even items like red gum sleepers which look great as part of this installation. Prices creep up in the summer which is why now is the smartest time to buy.

Turning Soil

As soon as the temperature starts to rise again it is important that you get out into the garden and give your soil some love. The soil should be de-weeded and turned over so that the nutrients in the soil are evenly spread throughout the garden. If you are looking to plant seeds and expect them to grow well, you must address the soil and make sure that you have prepared it well for the coming seasons.