Soci Tile for Sale

Soci Tile for Sale

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A residential or commercial building succeeds when the architectural, structural, and utility components seamlessly integrate with one another. However, the addition of aesthetic materials like paint, accessories, and tiles makes a home or commercial building more livable. You also get to appreciate the space even more. Thus, go for a Soci tile for sale to enhance your building’s aesthetics.

Soci Accessories

Tile manufacturing companies compete with one another to design, make, and supply the best tiles to appeal to all kinds of customers. Allen, Texas-based Soci, Inc. manufactures various tiles – from the simple contemporary-styled tiles to the more intricate Mediterranean-styled tiles.

Some of the Soci tile for sale categories include tile accessories, etched stone, exterior stone, metal tiles, field tiles, mosaic tiles, porcelain tiles, and cement tiles.

Some of the products included in the accessories category include bead liners, shampoo shelves, soap dishes, chair rails, and pencil rails. These accessories are mostly made of porcelain and marble, and are best used as borders for tiled walls.

Most of these accessories are best used in the bathroom, especially one with a Tuscan interior design. The ivory shampoo shelves and soap dishes are made of stone and are inspired by maritime elements.

Etched Tiles

If you want a statement tile to enhance your plain tiled wall, strategically-placed etched stone tiles are perfect. The tile liners in the etched stone product line are several inches higher than the average bead tile border. These unique tile liners are also etched with foliage patterns and Arabesque details.

There are also deco tiles and plaque tiles featuring floral details and geometric patterns. If you have these tiles in your home, you may feel as if you’re being swept into a grand Tuscan or Venetian interior space.

Etched tiles can be paired with simple-looking tiles to make the aesthetic effect more dramatic. Square deco tiles, which come in 2”x2” and 4”x4” sizes, can be laid out diagonally and inserted into the edges of larger, homogenous travertine or ceramic tiles.

Pavers and Copings

Another Soci tile for sale category is exterior stone, which is perfect for your swimming pool area. Copings are those stone, travertine marble, or slate tiles used to soften swimming pools’ sharp step edges – providing a level of safety for pool users. Meanwhile, pavers are durable exterior tiles with sizes, materials, and colors to match the copings. Paver sizes range from 6”x12” to 16”x24” tiles.

Field Tiles

Field tiles are used as flooring in grand open interior spaces, specifically stair lobbies or large spaces like ballrooms. They can also be used to cover walls of large spaces, especially elegant bathrooms and kitchens. These field tiles come in materials like limestone, quartz/slate, travertine, and dolomite, among other elegant and durable stone materials.


Metal is another Soci tile for sale category, which offers decorative tiles, tile liners, and plaque tiles. The materials used include bronze, brushed nickel, pewter, and pre-rusted iron. If you add antique-looking metal accessory tiles to your home, you could be under the impression of being inside a medieval castle.


Vintage Mosaic tiles are highly popular, and would work well in a bathroom or kitchen setting. Mosaic tiles are not only made of tiny tiles grouped together to form an intricate or simple tile pattern. They come in various colors and materials. Soci’s ceramic mosaic tiles fit well into any contemporary, transitional, or Mediterranean setting. Meanwhile, glass mosaic tiles fit well into beautiful Mediterranean-style or contemporary kitchens.

Metal mosaic tiles can fit into modern Arabesque settings and come in materials like brushed nickel. Soci’s pebble mosaics can fit into Zen-like settings and may also be used as pool pavers.


Cement tile is a Soci tile for sale that could fit well into your contemporary or mid-century home. The patterns are simply extraordinary and you would love these graceful floral and Arabesque patterns to adorn your walls.

These cement tiles can be used outside or inside. In an outside setting, they can used around patios and pool houses. In an interior setting, cement tiles can be used if you have a statement wall in your kitchen, living room, or dining room. Keep in mind, however, that cement tiles are more porous than travertine or stone tiles, and excessive exposure to the elements may damage them.


There’s always a Soci tile for sale that’s right for you. When you use Soci tiles, your home would get the positive attention it deserves. Moreover, your household budget would thank you for it. Not only are Soci tiles durable, they’re also cost-effective and contribute a lot to your home’s aesthetics.