Types of bulkhead material you can get

Types of bulkhead material you can get

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Every person has a different idea of what house he or she wants to live in. Some people focus more on the type of house they want, than on the location they want their house in. As far as locations for the house go, there are many people that dream about living near the water. They want a house near the beach, the lake, river or even near the ocean. The living near the water is what they care about. So, if you are someone who wishes to live near the water, then you need to know about the bulkheads and how they can be useful for your house.

Different Bulkhead Materials are used for keeping the erosion of shorelines at bay. They are also used as retaining walls. They can be used to avoid damage from the water and also to keep safe against floods. There are different types of bulkhead materials that you can get installed. Here are a few of them:

  1. Wood bulkheads:

Wood bulkheads are perhaps the most common type of bulkhead that were used in the past. Some people still use them, but there are many more choices available now. The wood bulkheads are quite cheap and easy to afford but they can easily rot away and not that applicable for taller buildings. This is the reason that they are not the most preferred bulkhead material.

2.Treated Lumber:

The treated lumber is a much better option for bulkhead material. It is water damage resistant so that is always a plus point of treated lumber. The treated lumber boards are treated with chemicals which enables it to last for a very long time. It can also handle rotting and fungal damage for quite a long period of time.

3.Steel bulkhead:

The Steel sheet pilings are used when you go for steel bulkhead material. These steel sheets will provide strength so they are practical for use where tall buildings are concerned. The steel bulkhead is no doubt more costly than other bulkhead material, but it also has its added benefits. It doesn’t get eroded or damaged by water Etc. Once fitted and installed, it will not need a lot of maintaining which is a good thing. It can stay the same for a lot of years and you will get the worth of your money.

4.Aluminum Sheets:

Aluminum sheets can be used if you do not want to get the steel sheets. They are easy to install and also easily available. They will last longer than even the steel sheets and they will also be cheaper in price in comparison to the steel sheets. A lot of people prefer the aluminium sheets over the steel sheets because they are easier to work with.

As far as bulkhead material is concerned, you need to make sure that you get the material that will provide the best safety for your house. If it is a commercial building, then you need something like the steel sheets.