5 Tips When Moving Cross Country

5 Tips When Moving Cross Country

April 17, 2019 Off By Admin

Long distance moves are much more stressful and will cost you more – whether you’ve chosen to hire a professional moving company or you did it DIY style. But there are certain ways you can move from one state to another without spending all your savings and still get a stress-free journey.

Here are our tips for a cheap and easier cross-country relocation.

1. Choose where to move carefully.

If you’re not moving for school or work, it’s best that you carefully choose which state and city to move into. Some places have cheaper way of life than others. For example, Memphis, Tennessee is cheaper than Santa Barbara in California.

However, most of the more expensive cities do have higher incomes. If you’re moving to any state, be sure you already have a source of income, or you’re expecting one. That’s when you can calculate if you’re able to afford living there.

2. Plan well and thoroughly.

You’re moving hundreds of miles away, it’s only fair you have some sort of plan to move everything you own.

Create a schedule from the day you start packing to the day you move. Plan when you’ll declutter and when you’ll pack each room. It’s also best you put every little thing in between such as going to the store to find some gears.

Most of all, follow your plans, especially with time-sensitive tasks. This will make the flow of the work easier and less stressful.

3. Choose a good moving date.

Choosing the right moving date could make your move less expensive. There are days wherein business is rather slow for moving companies and truck rentals. These are the days when their prices are lowered.

Normally, these days are in the middle of the week and the middle of the months from October to April. It’s also best to check with these companies.

4. Get estimates from different companies.

Not every company is the same so be sure you get rough estimates from different moving companies and even truck rentals. Consider both DIY moves and hiring movers.

You can also check whether there are movers that will help you pack and load stuff to a rental truck. You’re basically only asking their assistance for packing, loading, and unloading of your stuff while you drive your rental across the country. These are known as moving labor services.

However, make sure you hire the best companies.

5. Downsize.

Downsizing can really help make moving faster, easier, and cheaper. If you’re hiring professional moving companies, they normally charge based on the weight of your stuff. The less stuff you have, the cheaper it will be.

Even when you’re not hiring any labor and enlist the help of family and friends, downsizing will make packing and loading faster. Plus you don’t have to rent bigger trucks which are usually more expensive.

Hire Professional Help

To make everything smoother, it’s better to find a reputable moving company. If you know you’re moving, save up some money and get assistance. They can make the whole journey a lot easier and less stressful for you and your family.