Protect your furniture while moving

Protect your furniture while moving

July 21, 2021 Off By Admin

Furniture adds to the beautiful essence of your home. Not only does it make the rooms look good, but it helps keep the home organized. When planning to move, this is the part where you need to pay some extra attention. They are usually prone to damage through scratches, water-drench or breaks. Therefore the best furniture movers offer a special range of protection for your furniture. Here are some of the ways the professionals preserve the beauty of your furniture when moving or relocating.

Proper packing material

Investing in some effective and pocket-friendly packing stuff is better than bearing the loss of your unique and contemporary furnishings. You do not want to see broken pieces of your favourite furniture when you unpack in your new location. Therefore, some of the essentials you or your moving company will purchase to make sure your priceless possessions are safe.

Bubble Wrap

It is one of the most protective outer coverings for fragile stuff like glass windows or interiors. You can also consider biodegradable bubble wrap as a contribution to eco-friendly moving.

Moving blankets

It will also serve the same purpose for breakable stuff but you can utilize the paddy moving blankets for wrapping the big furniture like sofa or chair. It will prevent safe transport of the goods too.

Shrink wraps and tape

High-quality tapes help tighten the wrapping mediums and shrinks wrap work best for the small handy furniture. It will ensure tight sealing of the furniture.

Make sure your furniture is free from dust

Cleaning your furniture before packing helps to prevent it from dirt or dust particles that cause scratches or dents in your valuable furniture. Therefore, with the help of a slightly damp cloth, dust away all your furniture starting from the big to small ones. This will also ease your unwinding and relocating day. You don’t want to create a mess in your place with all the dust particles. So, a little work of cleaning before the packing can save you from extra work and unplanned scratches.

Disassemble as much furniture as you can

This tip has so many added benefits. Separating the furniture into pieces and parts not only helps you in easy packing but leads to safer transportation and fit. This will eventually protect your essentials and reduce the risk of breakage due to misplacement. You can disassemble drawers, bed boxes, remove table legs or separate whatever disassemble is possible. If you are doing it on your own, then you must read the instructions carefully and keep the lost parts labelled. The best idea is to hire a professional furniture removals Melbourne. They help you with well-equipped packing part by part. Make sure you make a different bag for screws and nails so that you don’t have to rush on the relocation day.

Loading the furniture with extra care

To make sure that your furniture is safely relocated to your new place without suffering any damage, you need to pay attention to proper loading and unloading. A lot can go wrong if you are not careful with placing the packaging in the right places in the truck. Hiring furniture movers for this purpose can cut back your efforts of loading and prevent your furniture from damaging because of the unprofessional loading and unloading. Here are a few points to be noted.

  • Place the soft furniture inside a moving blanket and place it in the voids of the truck.
  • The big furniture must be loaded under professional guidance

Be it big or small, those are valuable items and need our bigger attention. The more we prepare for the move, the lesser we will have to do on the D day.