Household Management 101: Plumbing Problems That Require Help

Household Management 101: Plumbing Problems That Require Help

April 3, 2020 Off By Admin

When you have a household to run, you have many things to do and to be. You need to be a cook, an electrician, a carpenter, and even a plumber. But undertaking the duties of a plumber can be dangerous. The work should only be left to licensed emergency plumbers, in places like Orem, Utah. Many people call these experts to avoid accidents and extra costs.

However small a job may it may seem, it could have adverse results when done the wrong way. Below are some of the plumbing system problems that need to be dealt with quickly.

Sinks taking too long to drain

If the pipes connecting to the sinks get clogged with food particles and such things, they will start draining at a slower rate and may begin overflowing. A plumber will unclog the pipes using the appropriate tools and clear your system. Some of the products used to clean clogged sinks cause more problems in the long run. It is advisable to call a plumber for safe drain cleaning processes.

Leaking pipes

Almost every homeowner has experiences pipe leakage. Pipes may wear and tear over time, causing leakage. Sometimes, the leakage may not be noticeable. Some signs of leakage include the growth of molds in the bathroom, strange smells in the basement, and cracks in some parts of the house.

Leaking pipes need immediate repair, as they lead to water wastage and may cause other health hazards. They may require replacement if the damage is extreme.

Clogged toilets

Clogged toilets may be as a result of tissue papers and other wastes. A clogged toilet not only poses health dangers in your home, but it also causes discomfort to the residents. The problem needs to be fixed immediately.

Water heater leaking

It is difficult to notice the water heater leak. If your water or electricity bill shoots high all over sudden, it might be a sign that your water heater is faulty. If there is too much pressure in the tank of the heater, the heat and temperature relief valve may stay open, leading to water leakage.

The problem could also be a result of sediments settling in the water heater, which causes damage to the heater, and it starts to leak. If you notice water collecting around your heater, chances can be that there is leakage. A leaking water heater may require repair, or in extreme cases, replacement.

Reduced water pressure

The water pressure in the showers or taps reduces sometimes. When this occurs, the chances are that there is a leakage in the system. The leakage may be a result of corrosion, growth of molds, or built-up sediments that interfere with the normal water flow. Other causes of low water pressure could be closed water shut off valve or the meter valve.

Plumbing systems are essential in any home. It is prudent to get an experienced, licensed plumber if you experience the problems above. Emergency plumbers are available on the clock. They will deal with significant issues that can’t wait to be attended to later, such as overflowing toilets and blocked drains.