3 Reasons Why Flat Roofs Are Better

3 Reasons Why Flat Roofs Are Better

March 2, 2018 Off By Admin

There’s an ongoing debate between flat roofers and sloped roofers in Toronto; while the latter style is more associated with aesthetics, the former certainly has some advantages over it. Flat roofs have often served as roofing solutions for commercial and industrial settings, since a flat roof provides space for A/C vents, exhaust pipes and heavier equipment to be installed on the roof. This is extremely conducive for commercial purposes. But this limited understanding of flat roofs has isolated them from residential settings, strengthening the idea that only sloped roofs are compatible with family homes. As a result, many myths have arisen from this belief, which we seek to challenge in this article by citing three great advantages of flat roofs:

Advantages of Flat Roofs

Contrary to the myth that installing flat roofs cost more, they are actually economically viable options for homeowners because they don’t require the application of shingles or other materials. Compared to shingled roofing and the damages that can result from its poor installation and maintenance, a flat roof is much less complicated and can be repaired at a fraction of the cost.

Flat roofs are durable, with a shelf life of 30 years. The weatherproof membranes that constitute a flat roof are constructed with tar and gravel, which is the chief factor responsible for extending the life of the roofing system – a flat roof can withstand nature’s blows more efficiently than a pitched, shingled roof.

Building a flat roofed home offers greater wind resistance than a sloped roof. This is especially important during volatile weather conditions – especially if you live in the frigid climate of Toronto in Canada. When high winds pick up, a flat roof cuts through wind pressure better than a roof with greater surface area exposed to the winds. With a sloped or angled roof, the shingles can sustain significant damage and may require immediate replacement to avoid costly, further damages.

The Importance of Hiring the Right Contractor

There are several factors to bear in mind if you opt for a flat roof installation. The most important factor is to work with a roofing contractor well experienced with this kind of task. You can explore the background information of your contractor by requesting a sample of his previous projects, or checking out online reviews.

Careful planning and precision goes into constructing a problem free flat roof. A renowned family roofing business specializing in flat roof repairs in Toronto ensures its choice for materials is top quality that caters to all security liabilities with sufficient attention to detail.

Their customer service will guide you regarding their materials such as high quality asphalt, clay, cedar and aluminum roofs and allow you to design your own roof by guiding you to a comprehensive series of options. You can also discuss your concerns and learn tips from your contractors that will ensure a proper maintenance of your roofing system.

Frequent inspections of any roof can help with early detection of problems, saving you from expensive repairs later on. You should also get hold of a reputable company that provides 24/7 services with a prompt response policy for emergencies such as leakage, wind damage etc. Knowing who to call immediately in such situations is imperative.